What computers do I have access to through this course?

Students in the course have an account which works at the PTO Unix cluster in 215 Osmond Lab (where we meet on Fridays), and also the PTR cluster in 215 Hammond Building, and the PTH cluster in 316 Hammond Building Your home directory will be the same on all these machines. They are all IBM RS/6000 computers (of various models), running the Unix operating system, the X windowing system, and the Common Desktop Environment. The machines through in the PTH cluster are available for remote logins through telnet. For more information see the IBM SUR home page.

How can I print from the Osmond 215 lab?

Printing from the Osmond machines (o129) and (o190) is directed to a printer in Boucke 103. It is handled (including charging beyond 60 pages a semester) as in all the CAC labs. See the CAC web page on printing for more information.

What if my ID won't open the door to 215 Osmond?

There are two possible problems: either your ID number is not properly entered into the database, or the magnetic strip on your card is damaged (the card reader is rather persnickety, and is slated to be repaired or replaced soon). If your card is clearly scarred, go to the HUB to have it recoded. If not, send mail to explaining that you are registered in CSE/MATH 455 but that the card swipe doesn't accept your card and ask him to check whether you are in the database and add you if not. Include your full name and ID number. If you are in the database and it still doesn't work, head to the HUB to get the card recoded. In the meantime, knocking often works.

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