Feedback to Professor Arnold

This form is intended to make it easy for you to supply feedback to me. Send it in as often as you like to comment on the course. The last box is open-ended, so you can make any comments you wish. Unless you choose to disclose your name, this feedback will arrive to me anonymously.

  1. How much are you learning? From what you have seen so far, how would you rate this course in terms of how much you learn in it?
  2. Lectures. How helpful do you find the classroom lectures? How appropriate is the level and speed at which the material is presented for you? Do you have any suggestions for improving the classroom lectures?
  3. Labs. How helpful do you find the computer lab sessions? Would you like to have them more or less often, or about the same? Do you have any suggestions for improving the labs sessions? When I lecture on a Friday, is the lab environment a serious distraction?
  4. Textbook. How helpful do you find the text?
  5. Out of class work. Do you feel that the work expected of you in the course so far has been too much, too little, or about right? What kind of assignments are most helpful for you?
  6. Everything else. All suggestions, comments, and constructive criticism are welcome.
  7. This form will be transmitted anonymously unless you fill this box. (Of course, if you want a reply, you must fill it out.)
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