Spring 2019

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
1/24 First week of classes, no seminar
1/31 Dave Perkinson Reed College The Threshold Density Theorem
2/7 Sam Hopkins UMN Combinatorial Reciprocity Theorems
2/14 Sunita Chepuri UMN Plabic Networks: Why?
2/21 Joel Lewis George Washington University Reflection length in various settings
2/28 Andy Hardt UMN An Entrance to Buildings
3/7 Chris Fraser UMN The Shapiro-Shapiro conjecture in Schubert calculus
3/14 Dylan Rupel Michigan State University Geometry of Kronecker quiver Grassmannians from noncommutative cluster variables
3/21 Spring Break, no seminar
3/28 Christian Gaetz MIT Peck posets and sl_2 actions
4/4 Darij Grinberg UMN Enumerative properties of tournaments
4/11 Moa Apagodu Virginia Commonwealth University Introduction to Zeilberger Algorithms for Proving Terminating Hypergeometric Identities
4/18 Andy Berget Western Washington University Multigraded algebra
4/25 Noah Speeter University of Kentucky Lattice Polytopes and Volume
5/2 Melissa Sherman-Bennett UC Berkeley/Harvard A totally non-negative tasting menu
5/9 Galen Dorpalen-Barry UMN A reduced introduction to Coxeter Groups

Fall 2018

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
9/6 First week of classes, no seminar
9/13 Sam Hopkins UMN Ehrhart polynomials of zonotopes
9/20 Elizabeth Kelley UMN Snake Graphs for Generalized Cluster Algebras
9/27 Ashleigh Adams UMN Zero-Sumfree Sets, Hilbert Series, and Stanley Reisner Rings
10/4 Kayla Wright UMN Witt Rings and Linked Quaternionic Pairings
10/11 Cameron Marcott University of Waterloo What's an amplituhedron?
10/18 Craig Corsi UMN Supercharacter Theories of Unipotent Groups
10/25 Galen Dorpalen-Barry UMN Cone Valuations, Gram's Relation, and Flag Angles
11/1 Graham Gordon University of Washington My favorite facts about GL_n(F_q)
11/8 Claire Frechette UMN Dessins d'enfants: Where Graph Theory meets Number Theory
11/15 Eric Stucky UMN What is Cyclic Sieving, Anyway?
11/22 Thanksgiving, no seminar
11/29 Mahrud Sayrafi UMN (Fantastic) Tropical Varieties and Where to Find Them
12/6 Anna Pun Drexel University The birth of k-schur functions
12/13 Exam period, no seminar