Analytic Number Theory and its Applications:
A Conference in Honor of Jeff Hoffstein
Perrotis College, Thessaloniki, Greece
July 14-18, 2014

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Thanks to all of the speakers, participants, and our local hosts at Thessaloniki for making this such a successful conference! Pictures of the participants and another including many of Jeff's students are linked below:

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General Information

A Number Theory Conference honoring Jeff Hoffstein on the occasion of his 61st birthday will be held at Perrotis College in the American Farm School (AFS), Thessaloniki, July 14 - 18, 2014. The conference aims to enable exchange of ideas and information among workers on Dirichlet series and automorphic forms, areas to which Jeff Hoffstein has made fundamental contributions. The structure of the conference will consist of research lectures, discussion and problem sessions.

Conference talk titles and abstracts

(as a linked PDF, full schedule linked above)


R. Broker, Brown University
B. Brubaker, University of Minnesota
A. Bucur, UCSD
A. Diaconu, University of Minnesota
W. Duke, UCLA
S. Friedberg, Boston College
P. Gunnells, UMass - Amherst
D. Hansen, Jussieu

O. Imamoglu, ETH
W. Kohnen, Heidelberg University
M. Lee, Brown University
W. Li, Penn State University
W. Luo, Ohio State University
S. Patterson, Goettingen University
D. Ramakrishnan, CALTECH
J. Sengupta, Tata Institute
H. Stark, UCSD

This meeting is organized in partnership with the Clay Mathematics Institute, and with further generous support of the Foundation Compositio Mathematica and the National Science Foundation.




Travel and Local Accommodations


The best way to reach the conference venue from the airport is by taxi. The ride is about 15 minutes and the cost may range from 12-17 Euros. Please ask to be brought to the "American Farm School". At the college gate, tell the guard that you are for the mathematics conference and someone will come to check you in. (Please don't forget to ask for a receipt from the taxi for reimbursement!)

Directions to Perrotis College can be found here


On Thursday afternoon, we will be visiting Vergina, the site identified as the capital of the Kingdom of Macedon. We will be leaving by bus after lunch, at about 2, and we will visit the archeological site and the museum.

For Friday evening, we have planned a guided tour of Thessaloniki. The bus will leave after the end of the talks at about 4. The tour will be aimed at an overall impression of the city, its life and history.

ARRIVAL DATE: Sunday, July 13, 2014

DEPARTURE DATE: Saturday, July 19, 2014

Accommodation (6 nights) and meals will be provided at Perrotis College and, for invited participants, will be paid for using support from Foundation Compositio Mathematica, Clay Mathematics Institute and the National Science Foundation. The conference will also have some funding for travel to Thessaloniki. However, we would greatly appreciate it if participants with their own funding would consider using it so that as many junior participants as possible can be supported.


Airfare for Summer 2014 looks as if it will be rather expensive. Please try to make plane reservations at your earliest convenience. Two sites which aggregate flights to find cheapest fares are:


There will be a buffet-style welcome dinner organized on Sunday night and a breakfast before departure on Saturday morning.


The City of Thessaloniki page maintains a list of events, museums, sights, etc.

Additional Participants


Ben Brubaker University of Minnesota
Nikolaos Diamantis University of Nottingham
Dorian Goldfeld Columbia University

For questions please contact the conference organizers at JHC2014.