Spring 2017

Speaker Affiliation Title
1/26 Sunita Chepuri UMN Planar Directed Networks and Boundary Measurements
2/2 Ryan Coopergard UMN Truncated Path Algebras and Betti Numbers with Polynomial Growth
2/9 Lukas Katthän UMN/Universität Frankfurt Counting lattice points in polytopes
2/16 Craig Corsi UMN Combinatorial properties of Schubert polynomials
2/23 Eric Stucky UMN Covers of Cycles and their Matchings
3/2 Esther Banaian UMN Counting Multiplex Juggling Sequences
3/9 Nathan Reading NCSU To scatter or to cluster?
3/16 *Spring Break*
3/23 Laura Escobar University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Schubert varieties and combinatorics
3/30 Matthew Mills University of Nebraska-Lincoln Classification of mutation-finite and minimal mutation-infinite quivers
4/6 Elise delMas UMN Generalized Reflection Factorizations
4/13 McCleary Philbin UMN Splines and Equivariant Cohomology via GKM theory
4/20 Mike Chmutov UMN The Robinson-Schensted correspondence and other animals
4/27 Mike Zabrocki York University From the Robinson-Schensted algorithm to Schur-Weyl duality
5/4 Elizabeth Kelley UMN TBD

Fall 2016

Speaker Affiliation Title
9/15 Joel Lewis UMN Evacuation
9/22 Darij Grinberg UMN A Haphazard Introduction to Classical Invariants
9/29 Theo Douvropoulos UMN The Coming of Age of Nonnesting Parking Functions
10/6 Cihan Bahran UMN Fractional Euler Characteristics
10/13 Brendon Rhoades UC San Diego The coinvariant algebra of the symmetric group.
10/20 Vic Reiner UMN Hodge theory and matroids
10/27 Ben Salisbury Central Michigan University Introduction to crystals of tableaux
11/3 Josh Swanson University of Washington Cyclic Sieving and Springer's Regular Elements
11/10 Mark Skandera Lehigh University Symmetric Functions and $S_n$ Traces
11/17 Vic Reiner UMN Hodge theory and matroids
11/24 *Thanksgiving*
12/1 Vic Reiner UMN Hodge theory and matroids
12/8 Gabriel Frieden University of Michigan The Combinatorial R-matrix