Math 5616H, Honors Analysis II, Spring 2020

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  here I will post the latest news related to the course; please check this area regularly.

Course description: We continue in the Spring semester from the point where we stopped at the end of 5615H, that is, we will start with Chapter 7 in Rudin's book. My intent is to cover pretty much the entire book over the two semesters.  

     Prerequisites:  Math 5615H.

      Homework: There will be  6-8 homework assignments, usually due on Fridays, in class. The homework scores will contribute 40% to your course grade. Late homework will NOT be accepted. You are strongly encouraged to collaborate on homework, as long as you write up the solutions individually and state on your paper with whom you have collaborated. You will find the homework assignments  here .

     Exams:There will be a take-home midterm exam, towards the middle of the semester (date TBA later) and a take-home final exam. The midterm will account for 20% of your grade, and the final exam will account for the remaining 40% of your grade.