Enumerative Combinatorics (Math 5705), Fall 2018

Darij Grinberg (203B Vincent Hall)

Canvas site for 5705.

This site is moving to https://www.cip.ifi.lmu.de/~grinberg/t/18f/ ! Please change your links and references.

Main resources:


Quick book references (italics = free): Loehr (errata); Graham/Knuth/Patashnik (errata); Bogart; Bóna; Galvin; Lehman/Leighton/Meyer.

Basics on equivalence relations and equivalence classes: class materials by Melissa Lynn and by Jonathan Rogness (part 1 and part 2).

See Math 4707 from Fall 2017 and Math 4707 from Spring 2018 for some solved exercises.

"Black"board writing:

(Oct 15: Sam Hopkins was substituting.)

(Nov 7: Vic Reiner was substituting.)

Homework and other problems:

A LaTeX template ("Homework set 0") for those who want to write their solutions in LaTeX. (Compiled PDF.)

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