Current Ph.D. Students:

  • Ben Dischinger (passed WPE and Preliminary Oral)
  • Milan Shetti (passed WPE and Preliminary Oral)
  • Hao Wen (passed WPE and Preliminary Oral)
  • Fenggang Wu (passed WPE and Preliminary Oral)
  • Zhichao Cao (passed WPE and Preliminary Oral)
  • Baoquan Zhang (passed WPE and Preliminary Oral)
  • Ming-Hong Yang
  • Hebatallah El-Dakiky (passed WPE and Preliminary Oral)
  • Chai-Wen Hsieh


  • Ph.D. Students (9 graduated from 2013-2018):

    • Sarah Sharafkandi (finishing date: May 2013)
      Thesis Title: On QoS Provisioning for Vehicular Safety Communication
      Initial Employer: Qualcomm

    • Muthukumar Murgan (finishing date: June 2013)
      Thesis Title: Towards A Flexible and Energy Adaptive Datacenter Infrastructure
      Initial Employer: HP

    • Xiaoxiao Jiang (finishing date: July 2015)
      Thesis Title: Improving the Reliability and Efficiency of Data Transmission in Ad-Hoc Vehicle Networks
      Initial Employer: Verizon

    • Weiping He (finishing date: July 2015)
      Thesis Title: The Applications of Workload Characterization in the World of Massive Data Storage
      Initial Employer: Dell

    • Nagapramod Mandagere (finishing date: October 2015)
      Thesis: Techniques for Optimizing Cost of Enterprise Data Management
      Initial Employer: IBM Almaden Research Center

    • Ziqi Fan (finishing date: May 2017)
      Thesis Title: Improving Storage Performance with Non-Volatile Memory-based Caching Systems
      Initial Employer: Samsung Electronics, San Jose, California

    • Xiang Cao (finishing date: June 2017)
      Thesis: Eļ¬ƒcient Data Management and Processing in Big Data Applications
      Initial Employer: Grand Valley State University, Michigan

    • Xiongzi Ge (finishing date: July 2017)
      Thesis Title: Improving Data Management and Data Movement Efficiency in Hybrid Storage Systems
      Initial Employer: NetApp Advanced Technology Group, North Carolina

    • Alireza Haghdoost (finishing date: June 2018)
      Thesis Title: Towards Performance and Reliability Enhancements of Enterprise Data Storage Systems
      Initial Employer: Dell/EMC, Minneapolis

  • MS Students:

    • Pradeep Ganesan
    • Muthukumar Murugan
    • Sandeep Ummadi
    • Xinyang Yang