Ph.D. Students (67 graduated):


1.      Tak-Sun Yuen (finished August 1985)

Thesis Title : Hashing Based Dynamic File Structures for Associative Retrieval

Initial Employer : Pace University


2.      Kou-Chuan Chang (finished June 1986)

Thesis Title : On Via Minimization and Layer Assignment Problems,

Initial Employer : Boeing Electronics Company


3.      Fernando Naveda (joint with Professor Ibarra ; finished June 1986)

Thesis Title : On the Routing Problem for Printed Circuit Boards

Initial Employer : University of Kansas


4.      Suzanne Sharrock (finished March 1987)

Thesis Title : Voice/Data/Video Integration on Local Area Networks

Initial Employer : Network Architecture Company


5.      Richard Enbody (finished June 1987)

Thesis Title : On Multiple Layer Channel Routing Problems

Initial Employer : Michigan State University


6.      Lee-Chin Liu  (finished March 1989)

Thesis Title : Routing Problems for VLSI Designs

Initial Employer : IBM, Rochester, Minnesota


7.      Ren-Ben Shu  (finished June 1989)

Thesis Title : Efficient and Reliable Architectures for Massively Connected Multiprocessors

Initial Employer : National Singapore University


8.      Hung-Chuan Yen (finished June 1989)

Thesis Title : Timing Analysis for VLSI

Initial Employer : Cadence Co.


9.      Shu-Ping Chang (finished December 1989)

Thesis Title : Multiple Packet Multiple Channel Local Area Networks

Initial Employer : IBM T.J. Watson Research Center


10.   Yean-Shiang Leu (finished by March 1990)

Thesis Title : Network Architectures for High-Speed Communications

Initial Employer : IBM, San Jose, California


11.   Ichiang Lin (finished June 1990)

Thesis Title : New Techniques for Performance Driven Layout

Initial Employer : IBM, Kingston, New York


12.   Chih-Hsiang Chou (finished Dec. 1990)

Thesis Title : Network Architectures for Metropolitan Area Networks

Initial Employer : IBM, Rochester, Minnesota


13.   Ching-Tin Wu (finished September 1991)

Thesis Title : Performance-Driven Layout and Wafer Packing Problems for VLSI

Initial Employer : 3M, Minnesota


14.   Swie Tsing Tan (finished  July 1991)

Thesis Title : Distributed Processor Allocation for Hypercube Multiprocessors and Embedded Virtual Incomplete Hypercubes for High-Speed Optical Networks

Initial Employer : AT&T Bell Lab


15.   Lee-Ren Liu (Finished August 1991)

Thesis Title : Efficient Algorithms for Timing Verification and Delay Fault Testing

Initial Employer : Actel, California


16.   Hsi-Chuan Chen (Finished Jan. 1992)

Thesis Title : Study of Timing Verification and Timing Optimization of Combinational Circuits

Initial Employer : AT&T Bell Lab


17.   Ron Vetter (finished June 1992)

Thesis Title : Network Architectures for High Performance Computing Environment

Initial Employer : Moorhead State University, Moorhead, Minnesota


18.   Kent Williams (finished August 1992)

Thesis Title : Study of Design Issues for High-Speed Optical Passive Star Networks

Initial Employer : North Carolina A&T University


19.   Keumog Ahn (finished June 1993; joint with S. Sahni)

Thesis Title : Study of VLSI Circuits Layout Design Issues

Initial Employer : AT&T Bell Labs


20.   Sanghyun Ahn (finished January 1994),

Thesis Title : ATM Network VP Layout Design and Multicasting Group Communication Problems

Initial Employer : Seoul City University (Korea)


21.   Sheau-Ru Tong (finished March 1994)

Thesis Title : Hot-Spot Problem for Interconnection Networks and High Performance Computing on Passive Star Networks

Initial Employer : Industrial Technology Research Center (Taiwan)


22.   Meng-Jou Lin (finished September 1994)

Thesis Title : Distributed Network Computing Over Switch-Based High-Speed Local Area Networks

Initial Employer : Apple Computer


23.   Rose Tsang (finished Sept. 1995)

Thesis Title : High Speed Network Support for Multimedia Traffic

Initial Employer : National Sandia Lab


24.   James Schnepf (finished Sept. 1995)

Thesis Title : Multimedia Support for Distance Education

Initial Employer : St. John's University, Minnesota


25.   Juho Kim (finished Sept. 1995)

Thesis Title : Timing Analysis of CMOS VLSI and Performance Optimization

Initial Employer : Cadence Corp.


26.   Shang-Zhi Sun (finished Nov. 1995)

Thesis Title : Studies on Timing Analysis, Clock Period Optimization and Testability

Initial Employer : Lattice  Semiconductor


27.   Mohamad Rooholamini (finished May 1996; joint with V. Cherkassky)

Thesis Title : ATM as the System Interconnect of a Multimedia Server

Initial Employer : Dell Computer


28.   Yaun-Chung Hsu (finished in June 1996)

Thesis Title : Study on Timing Analysis and Clocking Problems of Logic Circuits

Initial Employer : IBM Rochester


29.   Ching-Liang Liu (finished in June 1996)

Thesis Title : Efficient Design of Video on Demand Server

Initial Employer : Washington State University


30.   Ren-Wei Hsieh (finished in June 1997)

Thesis Title: High-Speed Network Support for High-Performance Network and Multimedia Communications

Initial Employer: Dell Computer


31.   Sangyup Shim (finished in July 1997)

Thesis Title: Supporting I/O Intensive Applications in A High Performance Storage System

Initial Employer: San Jose State University


32.   Yuewei Wang (finished in September 1997)

Thesis Title: Video Allocation Schemes for Video-on Demand Services

Initial Employer: IxMicro Inc., California


33.   A. Pavan (finished in March 1998)

Thesis Title: Topological Issues in Time and Wavelength Division Multiplexed Multihop Lightwave Networks

Initial Employer: Honeywell Technology Center


34.   Yen-Jen Lee (finished in February 2000)

Thesis Title: Scalable Architectures for Multimedia Communications in Education and Entertainment

Initial Employer : Streaming21, San Jose, California36.


35.   Wei-Hsiu Ma (finished in June 2000)

Thesis Title: Video Delivery and Caching with Proxy Servers for Reducing Bandwidth Requirement over Wide Area Networks


Initial Employer: Streaming21, San Jose, California


36.   Seijun Song (Joint with Zhi-Li Zhang; finished in August 2000)

Thesis Title: A Software-Based Approach to Scalable Fault-Tolerant Real-Time Ethernet for Networked Control Systems

Initial Employer: Cisco


37.   Srihari Nelakuditi (Joint with Zhi-Li Zhang; finished in October 2001)

Thesis Title: Localized Approach to Providing Quality-of-Service

Initial Employer: University of South Carolina


38.   Tai-Sheng Chang (finished in December 2002)

Thesis Title: On Several Design Issues of Intelligent High-Performance Storage Systems

Initial Employer: General Electric Medical Imaging Division


39.   Zhenhai Duan (joint with Zhi-Li Zhang; finished in July 2003)

Thesis Title: On Scalable Support of Quality of Services in the Internet

Initial Employer: University of Florida State


40.   Yingfei Dong (Joint with Zhi-Li Zhang; finished in July 2003)

Thesis Title: Efficient Resource Management in Multimedia Network Systems

Initial Employer: University of Hawaii at Manoa


41.   Bae Young Choi (Joint with Zhi-Li Zhang; finished in August 2003)

Thesis Title: Scalable Network Monitoring in High-Speed Large Networks

Initial Employer: US Sprint


42.   Ewa Kusmierek (Joint with Zhi-Li Zhang; finished in May 2004)

Thesis Title: Adaptive Streaming Techniques for Large Scale Video Delivery

Initial Employer: Poznan Supercomputer Center (Poland)


43.   Dan Edeen (finished in May 2005)

Thesis Title: An Model for ADSL Link Aggregation with Qualify of Service Support

Initial Employer: Qwest Communications


44.   Ying-Ping Lu (finished in November 2005)

Thesis Title: Design Issues in Networked Intelligent Storage Systems : Performance and Quality of Service

Initial Employer: Silicon Graphics Inc.


45.   James Beyer (finished in March 2006)

Thesis Title: Control Algorithms for Observation Systems

Initial Employer: CRAY Research


46.   Dingshen He (finished in August 2006)

Thesis Title: Data Management in Intelligent Storage Systems

Initial Employer: Microsoft


47.   Xiaobo Zhang (finished in July 2006)

Thesis Title: Tape Storage Solutions:  Meeting Growing Data Demands

Initial Employer: Symantec


48.   Hyeran Lim (finished in September 2006)

Thesis Title: Designing Fair, Efficient and Scalable Storage Systems Based on Emerging Storage Technologies

Initial Employer: Samsung Electronics (Korea)


49.   Aravindan Raghuveer (finished in January 2008)

Thesis Title: Techniques for Streaming, Storage and Search of Video

Initial Employer: Yahoo India


50.   Jaehoon Jeong (finished in December 2009)

Thesis Title: Wireless Sensor Networking for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Initial Employer: Brocade


51.   Guanlin Lu (finished in December 2011)

Thesis Title: Efficient Data Deduplication

Initial Employer: EMC Corp. San Jose


52.   Dongchul Park (finished in July 2012)

Thesis Title: Hot and Cold Data Identification: Applications to Storage Systems

Initial Employer: Samsung Electronic Research Center, San Jose


53.   Sarah Sharafkandi  (finishing date: May 2013)

Thesis Title: On QoS Provisioning for Vehicular Safety Communication

Initial Employer: Qualcomm


54.   Muthukumar Murgan (finishing date: June 2013)

Thesis Title: Towards A Flexible and Energy Adaptive Datacenter Infrastructure

Initial Employer: HP


55.   Xiaoxiao Jiang (finishing date: July 2015)

Thesis Title: Improving the Reliability and Efficiency of Data Transmission in Ad-Hoc Vehicle Networks

Initial Employer: Verizon


56.   Weiping He (finishing date: July 2015)

Thesis Title: The Applications of Workload Characterization in the World of Massive Data      Storage

Initial Employer: Dell


57.   Nagapramod Mandagere (finishing date: October 2015)

Thesis: Techniques for Optimizing Cost of Enterprise Data Management

Initial Employer: IBM Almaden  Research Center


58.   Ziqi Fan (finishing date: May 2017)

Thesis Title: Improving Storage Performance with Non-Volatile Memory-based Caching Systems

Initial Employer: Samsung Electronics, San Jose, California


59.   Xiang Cao (finishing date: June 2017

Thesis: Efficient Data Management and Processing in Big Data Applications

Initial Employer: Grand Valley State University, Michigan


60.   Xiongzi Ge (finishing date: July 2017)

Thesis Title: Improving Data Management and Data Movement Efficiency in Hybrid Storage Systems

Initial Employer: NetApp Advanced Technology Group, North Carolina


61.   Alireza Haghdoost (finishing date: June 2018)

Thesis Title: Towards Performance and Reliability Enhancements of Enterprise Data Storage Systems

Initial Employer: Dell/EMC, Minneapolis


62. Hao Wen (finished date: May 2019)

      Thesis Title: Improving Application Performance in the Emerging Hyper-Converged


      Initial Employer: Twitter Company


63.   Fenggang Wu (finished date: May 2020)

      Thesis Title: Large Capacity and High Performance Storage Devices/Systems for Big Data

      Initial Employer: Facebook


64. Zhichao Cao (finished date: June 2020)

      Thesis Title: High Performance and Cost-Effective Storage Systems for Supporting Big Data Applications

      Initial Employer: Facebook


65.   Baoquan Zhang (finished date: December 2020)

      Thesis Title: Storage System Designs with Emerging Storage Technologies

      Initial Employer: Facebook


66.   Milan Shetti (finished date: April 2021)

Thesis Title: Nubes: Towards Building a Secure and Scalable Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Initial Employer: HPE & RocketSoftware

67.   Hebatalla Eldakiky (finished date: August 2021)

Thesis Title: Scaling Up The Performance of Distributed Key-Value Stores Using Emerging Technologies for Big Data Applications

Initial Employer: Amazon



Current Ph.D. Students (8):


Ben Dischinger (passed WPE and Preliminary Oral)

Ming-Hung Yang (passed WPE)

Chia-Wen Hsieh (passed WPE)

Yixun Wei (passed WPE)

Huibing Dong

Haoyu Gong

Wenlong Wang

Zhaokang Ke


Pos-Doc (2):

Bingzhe Li (Ph.D. from University of Minnesota; Finished July 2019 and currently Assistant Professor at Oklahoma State University)

Naeyoung Song (Ph.D. from National Seoul University; Finished July 2020 and currently employed by Zoom)



Master Students  (109 graduated)


1982: Eunjin Han, Mai-Yung Yeh, Shuhua Lee

1984: Hasan Moustafa Dandashly, Alfred Huang, Eling Lou, Hanhsing Tan, Shuhwa Yu, Kouchuan Chang,                                                                        Yeanshiang Lee

1987: Jan  Kaldager, Earl Roethke, Karen Kleckner

1988: Tyan Leemay Yen, Aling Wu

1989: Corey Carlson, Yeongleh Lee, Shijer Lin

1990: Tim Barry

1991: Victor Lin, Wayne Schaffran

1993: Yiju Yu, Ming-Tsung Darda Chang

1994: Lu Cheng, Michael H Lee, Ailing Ding, Charlene Sheueling Du

1995: Keith Cramer, Liangwei Kang, Paisal Keattithananant, Lan Lai

1996: Mahmood Qadir, Anthony Harder, Sudesh Kamath, Dan Li, Daiwei Yau, Weimin Xin, Anand Srinivasan

1997: Ying-Li Wu, Dongli Su, Xiaolei Hu

1998: Shu-Fen Jen, Shouyen Teng, Hyeran Lim

1999: Zhifang liu, Feng Nie, Suhnil Ghelani, Aarti Lakhani, Visha Sinha, Jeong-Hyeok Seo, Aditya Datta

2000: Vikram Kapoor, Chirag Wighe, Calvin Chu, Imelda Sutedjo, Sai Chivukula, Hongjing Zeng, Feng Li

2001: Peng-Fei Chuang, Suthep Vichiendilokkul, Aixin Liu

2002: Mahjabeen Parween, Biren Damani, Fang Zhang, Vikas Nahata, Sai Bathina, Avindashreddy Bathula, Urooj Ahmed

2003: Ming Yu, Priyanka Jain, Rupali Jain, Parthasarathy Sundaram, Heyi Wang, Zeyan Wang, Yu-Han Yang, Xu Zhang, Kartik Gopal, Shuang Yi Tang, Abhishek Dhasmana, Sughosh Kalghatgi, Nishesh Gupta, Hui Ye, Jibin Zheng, Srikanth Chirravuri, Amit Paka, Shankar Srinivasan, Praveen Venkataramaiah, Farrukh Norman, Durgaprasad Velagaleti, Geeta Gharpure, Aravindan Raghuveer, Rajiv Srinivassan

2004: Vijaya Lenka, Jingjing Gu, Subramanya Abhishek, Nitin Bhandari, Brad Pokormy, Joengmin Hwang, Rao Raghavendra

2005: Muhammad Jawad, Jinglei Li, Xianbo Zhang

2006: Ben Miller

2007:  Meera Jindal, Girish Moodalbail

2008: Sunil Subramanya, John Unterholzner

2013: Pradeep Ganesan, Muthukumar Murugan, Sandeep Ummadi, Xinyang Yang

2016: Jeremy Kieser