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Check this space for announcements during the semester!

TA List for Spring 2002

These are the TAs for the course this semester. If there's a link on his or her name, that will take you to the TA's home page.


Lind 24 Office Hours

Here are the times when a TA will be in the Lind 24 lab. This schedule might change; we'll try to keep this listing current. (Last update: 8/28/02.)

Office hours TBA

Computer Help for Linux

  • Here are instructions for using email on the lab computers.

  • Help with basic linux commands (to delete/rename files, etc.) can be found here. (In particular read "Working in your Environment.")


  • Here is some advice on the technical aspects of how to write lab reports, i.e. by hand, with the computer, which programs to use, etc. (The opinions are semi-official course positions.)

  • Remember: you are not allowed to print in the lab! If you choose to print your lab report using Mathematica in another lab, be sure to follow the online printing hint: To make Mathematica print brackets, parentheses, and other characters correctly: when you choose Print from the File menu, a dialog box appears. Before clicking "OK," make sure that the boxes for the options "Include Mathematica fonts in document" and "Include PostScript resource comments" are both checked. There's a picture of this on Dan Drake's page.


    From time to time, homework hints will appear here.


    Here, you'll find out where and when your exams will be held.


    If we produce solutions to homework assignments and exams, they'll be here.

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