Math 3252, Fifth-quarter calculus

Monday, Wednesday, 6:10-8:00 in Vincent Hall 301
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  • Your grade will be determined by weekly quizzes, and the final exam, all of which be based upon the homework exercises. The quizzes will be given each Monday at the end of the first hour. If we have a grader, then the homework will also be graded (collected the Wednesday following the corresponding quizz).

  • The quizzes and the final will be open-book open-notes open-calculator.

  • The quiz and final scores will not be `curved'. If we have a homework grader, then the homework will be 10%, the quizzes 60%, and the final 30%. If we do not have a grader, then the two-hour Final Exam will count for 35% of your grade, and the quiz scores for 65%.

  • Our Final Exam is on Wed Dec 9 at 6:10, and it lasts for two hours.

  • Email is the best way to reach me! Better than phone, better than paper!

  • I certainly will not take attendance, but I will hold you responsible for what I say in class, whether you are there or not. (Please do not use office hours as a means of making up for classes you skip!) Sorry, some sort of boo-boo here...
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