Short explanation of Emacs

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"C-x" means "Control-x", for example
"M-x" means "Meta-x" or "escape-x", for example

"point" means "cursor"

;;;       Starting, stopping

emacs &               ;; start emacs, in background
emacs  &    ;; start emacs on , in background

emacs -q ...          ;; start emacs without reading your .emacs file
                      ;; This may be helpful if you've screwed things up
                      ;; by being a little too creative!

C-x C-f       ;; find file (prompted for filename)
C-x C-s       ;; save file
C-x s         ;; save all files

C-x C-c       ;; save files, exit emacs

C-g           ;; stop/abort current command/process
				  ;; In a _search_, you'll have to do C-g C-g to stop

C-x u         ;; undo last command(s)
C-/           ;; undo last command(s)

;;;                Moving             ;;;;

C-x k         ;; kill current buffer
C-x b         ;; move to another buffer (prompt for buffer name)

C-f           ;; move forward by one character
C-b           ;; move backward by one character
M-f           ;; move forward by one word
M-b           ;; move backward by one word

C-p           ;; move to previous line
C-n           ;; move to next line

C-v           ;; forward one screen
M-v           ;; backward one screen

C-a           ;; move to beginning of line
C-e           ;; move to end of line

C->			  ;; move to end of file
C-<			  ;; move to beginning of file

;;;  Cutting and pasting              ;;;;

C-d   ;; delete next character
M-d   ;; delete next word

DEL           ;; delete previous character
M-DEL         ;; delete previous word

C-k           ;; delete from point to end of line

C-SPACE       ;; set the mark (to delimit a region)
C-w           ;; cut region (between mark and point)
M-w           ;; copy region

C-y           ;; paste (last cut text)'
M-y           ;; after "C-y", paste

;;;      Searching and Replacing      ;;;;

C-s           ;; search forward for prompted-for string
C-r           ;; search backward for prompted-for string

C-s C-s       ;; repeat last search (without re-entering string)

RETURN        ;; exit search

M-%           ;; query replace 
              ;; (prompt for search-string and replace-string)

;; You can interrupt a query replace to do other editing by C-r, which enters 
;; a "recursive edit". The minibuffer mode will be put into brackets [...] 
;; while you're recursive-editing. To exit the recursive edit and return to
;; your query replace procedure, do C-].
;; Recursive edits may be nested, hence the name.

SPACE or "y"  ;;(after M-%) _do_ replace this instance
"n"           ;;(after M-%) do _not_ replace this instance
!             ;;(after M-%) replace all without asking further

;;;      More editing                 ;;;;

C-t           ;; tranpose this and previous character
M-t           ;; tranpose this and previous word

M-c           ;; capitalize word
M-u           ;; uppercase word
M-l           ;; lowercase word

M-x goto-line        ;; go to line number (prompt for line number)
M-x ispell-buffer    ;; run spell-check on buffer
M-x untabify         ;; converts tabs to spaces between point and mark

;;;  Help/Informational commands

C-h b	        ;; describe key bindings of current mode

C-h k (prompt for key)  ;; "describe-key": tell what this key does

M-x apropos    ;; give a regular expression at the prompt
                               ;; to search emacs' help for related things

;;;  Evaluating Emacs Lisp expressions, functions

;; To run an _interactive_ function, do

M-x       ;; (and respond to the prompt, if any)

;; To evaluate an expression, do


;; For example, M-: (setq x "hello")  
;; gives the variable x the value "hello" (a string)

C-x Esc Esc    ;; repeat last complex command: goes back in command history

;;;  Miscellaneous helpful commands

M-x validate-tex-buffer   ;; in TeX mode checks matches of braces,
                          ;; etc.

M-x rmail-edit-current-message  ;; from rmail mode enters rmail edit mode
C-c C-c                         ;; return to rmail mode

M-x rmail-decode-quoted-printable  ;; in rmail-edit mode, cleans up some
                                   ;; benighted presentations/encodings

;;;  Shell mode

;; to enter shell-mode, do

M-x shell 

;; the advantage of this is that all inputs, outputs, etc
;; are extremely editable from within emacs. All command line loops,
;; such as Python's, are thereby editable
;; In general, the usual bash commands require prefixing by C-x

M-p    ;; previous command (move back in command history)
M-n    ;; next command (in command history)

C-c C-o    ;; deletes output of previous command
C-c C-r    ;; moves back to previous command in window

(setq comint-input-ring-size 2000)  ;; sets command history to length 2000

;;;   Bookmarks

;; bookmark-jump goes to the location of the "bookmark" in whatever
;; file you put it by bookmark-set

C-x r m                ;;   bookmark-set
C-x r b                ;;   bookmark-jump   ;; does TAB completion...

M-x bookmark-rename
M-x bookmark-delete
C-x r l                ;;   go to Bookmarks Menu

;; In Bookmarks Menu mode

d     ;; mark for deletion
u     ;; unmark
r     ;; rename
x     ;; delete
s     ;; save all bookmarks
m     ;; mark
v     ;; view bookmarked spots ;; "f" also works on a single file
t     ;; toggle display longlist/shortlist
w     ;; location of file associated with bookmark
DEL   ;; remove mark from previous line
q     ;; exit bookmark list

;; also...

bookmark-insert  ;; inserts text of b'marked file at cursor
bookmark-write   ;; prompts for filename in which to save bookmarks
bookmark-load    ;; to load non-default files containing bookmarks


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