Working from home

Please remember that you are encouraged to work in the ITLabs and your programs will be tested using the ITLabs machines. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure your programs work on the ITLabs machines.

Also remember that the TAs are not offering any help figuring out how to install and run the STk Scheme interpreters on your home machines.

By remotely connecting to ITLABS machines (From Windows..)

  1. First of all, this works only if graphics is not involved.
  2. Open TWO SSH windows
  3. In the edit window, edit (create, modify, save) the file
  4. In the STk window, run test cases
    remember to load the file you are editing

By using the STk Scheme interpreter for Windows (or Linux)

  1. Download STk here
    (Download the latest version -- 4.0.1 right now)
  2. Install it on your machine.
  3. Windows: When you unzip file, there is a document called install.doc. Make SURE that you read it and follow the instructions there.
  4. Windows: Open the editor by clicking on the SECOND icon (a paper and a pencil icon)
  5. Windows: Once you are done and ready to submit, SFTP (Secure File Transfer) your file(s) to ITLABS account.
  6. Print out your files and test cases
Sunny Kim (