Using Prolog on CSE labs machines

Available Package

Prolog is available on all the machines in CSE Labs. The default version is SWI-Prolog.

How to run Prolog

module load prolog; prolog
You need to type in the command module load prolog only the first time you want to use prolog in each login. If you prefer, you can make this step automatic by adding the module prolog to the list of modules that are added to you path when you login. This is done by modifying the module command line in your .cshrc file.

References on SWI Prolog

Books and Tutorials on Prolog

Free implementations of Prolog

To get started

Definite Clause Grammars

Definite Clause Grammars (DCG) are an extension to Prolog that make it easy to implement formal grammars. A grammar written as DCG is directly executable in Prolog.
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