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How to use Scheme on itlabs or cs machines

Information about the Scheme language


STk can be dowloaded from the STk Home page. STk runs under Windows, Linux, and Solaris. The current stable version is 4.0.1.

gdraw.stk Set of drawing functions for STk.
show-move.stk A demonstration for STk of graphically moving text with the mouse.
InheritanceFull.stk Simple inheritance example, with TK graphics added
Init.stk An init file for STk with a variety of goodies

Other (Free) Scheme implementations

MIT-Scheme Runs under Unix, Linux, Windows, etc.
An overview of the the debugging facilities in MIT Scheme.
DrScheme An interactive graphical environment for developing MzScheme programs. Runs under Solaris. Linux, Unix, Windows, MacOS. Designed for educations. Includes numerous extensions to the Scheme standard (threads, foreign function interface, modules, supprt for TCP, etc.).
Guile An interpreter for Scheme, developed as a library which can be incorporated into programs. Designed by the GNU Foundation to be used as an extension language for applications. It is an important part of the GNOME desktop environment.
Gambit A high performance implementation of Scheme with an optimizing compiler. Runs on the Mac (MacGambit), on Unix, and Windows (Gambit-C).
SIOD (Scheme in One Defun), a small implementation of Scheme for most platforms. It can call or be called by C. Not compliant with R4RS.
SCM An implementation of Scheme (written in C) conforming to R5RS, which runs on many platforms (Unix, Windows, Mac, DOS, OS/2, VMS, Amiga, etc. Uses SLIB, a portable Scheme Library that provides utilities for standard Scheme implementations.
OpenScheme A Scheme system for multiple platforms wich compiles to ANSI C.
Pocket Scheme Scheme for Windows CE-powered Handheld and Palm-sized PCs.
LispMe A Scheme implementation for the Pilot PDA.
PCScheme Binary for Texas-Instruments' PC scheme (for DOS).
SILK Scheme in 50 KB, and interpreter and compiler for Scheme written in pure Java.
KAWA A Scheme implementation written in Java, which compiles Scheme to the Java Virtual Machine.

Scheme Repositories

Internet Scheme Repository The best collection of Scheme resources all over the Internet.
MIT Scheme home page A fun place for all scheme programmers! Has a nice collection of implementations and other info about scheme. Look at their FAQ page.
Web page for Abelson and Sussman book It includes the source code from the book.
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, by Abelson and Sussman The entire text.

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