University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Minneapolis, MN

Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science

Fall 2013

The College of St. Scholastica Duluth, MN

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

Spring 2006

Refereed publications

  • Building automated vandalism detection tools for Wikidata.
    Sarabadani, A., Halfaker, A., & Taraborelli, D. WWW'17 Perth, Australia (2017). [pdf]
  • Advancing the OCDX: Building Social Computing Infrastructure.
    Goggins, S., Germonprez, M., Million, A. J., Halfaker, A., & Hemphill, L. CSCW'17 Portland, Oregon, USA (2017).
  • Not at home on the range: Peer production and the urban/rural divide.
    Johnson, I. L., Lin, Y., Li, T. J. J., Hall, A., Halfaker, A., Schöning, J., & Hecht, B. CHI'16 San Jose, California, USA (2016). [pdf]
  • Who Did What: Editor Role Identification in Wikipedia.
    Yang, D., Halfaker, A., Kraut, R. E., & Hovy, E. H. ICWSM'16 Cologne, Germany (2016). [pdf]
  • Open algorithmic systems: lessons on opening the black box from Wikipedia.
    Geiger, R. S., & Halfaker, A. AoIR'16 Berlin, Germany (2016).
  • Breaking into new Data-Spaces: Infrastructure for Open Community Science.
    Halfaker, A., Morgan, J., Pandian, Y., Thiry, E., Rand, W., Schuster, K., & Laniado, D. (2016). CSCW'17 San Francisco, California, USA (2016). [pdf]
  • Edit Categories and Editor Role Identification in Wikipedia.
    Yang, D., Halfaker, A., Kraut, R. E., & Hovy, E. H. LREC'16 Portoroz, Slovenia (2016). [pdf]
  • User Session Identification Based on Strong Regularities in Inter-activity Time
    Halfaker, A., Keyes, O., Kluver, D., Thebault-Spieker, J., Nguyen, T., Shores, K., ... & Warncke-Wang, M. WWW. Florence, Italy (2015). [pdf]
  • Advancing an Industry/Academic Partnership Model for Open Collaboration Research.
    Morgan, J. T., Halfaker, A., Taraborelli, D., Hwang, T., & Goggins, S. CSCW Vancouver, Canada (2015).
  • Accept, decline, postpone: How newcomer productivity is reduced in English Wikipedia by pre-publication review.
    Schneider, J., Gelley, B. S., & Halfaker, A., WikiSym. Berlin, Germany (2014). [pdf]
  • Snuggle: Designing for Efficient Socialization and Ideological Critique
    Halfaker, A., Geiger, R. S. & Terveen, L. CHI. Toronoto, Canada (2014). [pdf]
  • When the Levee Breaks: Without Bots, What Happens to Wikipedia's Quality Control Processes?
    Geiger, R. S. & Halfaker, A. WikiSym. Hong Kong, Hong Kong, (2013). [pdf]
  • Making peripheral participation legitimate: Reader engagement experiments in Wikipedia
    Halfaker, A., Keyes, O. & Taraborelli, D. CSCW. San Antonio, TX, USA, (2013). 10.1145/2441776.2441872 [summary, pdf]
  • Using Edit Sessions to Measure Participation in Wikipedia,
    Geiger, R. S. & Halfaker, A. CSCW. San Antonio, TX, USA, (2013). 10.1145/2441776.2441873 [pdf]
  • The Rise and Decline of an Open Collaboration System: How Wikipedia's reaction to sudden popularity is causing its decline,
    Halfaker, A., Geiger, R. S., Morgan, J. & John Riedl. American Behavioral Scientist. (2013). 10.1177/0002764212469365 [summary, pdf]
  • What aren't we measuring? Methods for quantifying wiki-work,
    Halfaker, A., Keegan, B., Forte, A., Geiger, R. S., Taraborelli, D., Pinchuk, M. & Masli, M. WikiSym, Linz, Austria, (2012). 10.1145/2462932.2462983
  • Defense Mechanism or Socialization Tactic? Improving Wikipedia's Notifications to Rejected Contributors,
    Geiger, R. S., Halfaker, A., Pinchuk, M. & Walling, S. ICWSM, Dublin, Ireland, (2012). [pdf]
  • Don't Bite the Newbies: How Reverts Affect the Quantity and Quality of Wikipedia Work,
    Halfaker, A., Kittur, A. & Riedl, J., WikiSym, Mountain View, CA, (2011). 10.1145/2038558.2038585 [summary, pdf]
  • NICE: Social translucence through UI intervention,
    Halfaker, A., Song, B., Stuart, D.A.,; Kittur, A. & Riedl, J., WikiSym, Mountain View, CA, (2011). 10.1145/2038558.2038575 [summary, pdf]
  • A Jury of Your Peers: Quality, Experience and Ownership in Wikipedia,
    Halfaker, A., Kittur, N., Kraut, R. & Riedl, J., WikiSym, Orlando, FL, USA, (2009). 10.1145/1641309.1641332 [summary, pdf]
  • Wikipedians are born, not made: a study of power editors on Wikipedia,
    Panciera, K., Halfaker, A. & Terveen, L., GROUP, Sanibel Island, FL, USA, p.51-60, (2009). 10.1145/1531674.1531682 [pdf]

Other publications

Research Experience

Wikimedia Foundation San Francisco, CA

Principal Research Scientist
Head of the Scoring Platform team

May 2011 - current

GroupLens Research Minneapolis, MN

Graduate Research Assistant

Aug. 2007 - Oct. 2013

Google Inc. Mountain View, CA

Research Intern

Jan. 2013 - Apr. 2013

Software Engineering Experience

Thomson-Reuters Eagan, MN

Software Engineer Intern

May 2006 - Aug. 2006

May 2007 - Aug. 2007

The College of St. Scholastica Duluth, MN

Web Application Developer

Oct. 2004 - May 2006

3M Maplewood, MN

Software Engineer Intern

May 2005 - Aug. 2005

Activities and Leadership

L2 Wiki Research Hackathon (global event)

  • Outreach to academic researchers
  • Facilitating community/researcher collaboration
Event organizer: Nov. 2013 Event organizer: Aug. 2014

Wikimedia Research Committee Wikimedia Foundation

  • Vet subject recruitment proposals
  • Advise researchers on methods, datasets, etc.
  • Write policies to govern research activities
Subject Recruitment Chair: 2011 - current

Computer Science Graduate Student Association University of Minnesota

  • Student support and organization
  • Interface between department and students
President: 2011-2012
Secretary: 2009-2010

Adaptive Sports Club University of Minnesota

  • Organize games, repair wheelchairs and publicize events
  • Recruitment of new players
Recruiter: 2010-2013
President: 2008-2010

Young Scientist Round Table Volunteer University of Minnesota

  • Encourage elementary school students to pursue math and science

Oct 2006

Invited talks/visits

  • Berkely Inst. for Data Science
    • Engineering at the Intersection of Productive Efficiency, Ideology, and Ethical AI in Wikipedia -- Jan 2017
  • Northwestern University
    • Engineering open production efficiency at scale -- May 2016
  • Berkman Center
    • Engineering open production efficiency at scale -- Feb. 2016
  • University of Missouri
    • Engineering open production efficiency at scale -- Oct. 2015
  • Oxford Internet Institute
    • The practice of managing open production at scale -- Aug. 2014
  • Macalester College
    • What is Wikipedia? Why study it? -- Nov. 2013
    • Wikipedia as a socio-technical system -- Nov. 2015
  • The Wikimedia Foundation
    • Newcomer socialization with Snuggle -- Jan. 2013
    • The state of newcomers in Wikipedia -- Oct. 2012
  • MAXIMA - Interdisciplinary Research Experience for Undergraduates
    • The Rise and Decline of Wikipedia -- Jun. 2012
  • The Colege of St. Scholastica
    • Why go to graduate school? -- Mar. 2007
    • AJAX: why it matters and how you use it. -- Dec. 2006