Student Number Theory Seminar 2019-20

2/10/20: Megan Kenney -- The Conditional Probability That an Elliptic Curve Has a Rational Subgroup of Order 5 or 7

Abstract: Let E be an elliptic curve over the rationals. Divisibility of the set of rational points on E by some integer m can occur locally or globally. If E has global divisibility by m, then E has local divisibility by m; however, work of Katz shows that the converse is only guaranteed up to isogeny. Cullinan and Voight showed that the probability than an elliptic curve has global divisibility by an integer m is non-zero for all integers m allowed by Mazur's classification of rational torsion on elliptic curves. In this talk, I will discuss the probability that E has global divisibility by 5 or 7, given that E has local divisibility by 5 or 7, respectively.


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