Student Number Theory Seminar 2019-20

5/4/20: SNT In-Place Showcase

Information: Each person (who wants to) will give a short presentation of approximately 5 minutes. The topic can be anything to do with math.

Some ideas:
  • A summary of your research
  • A summary a result or proof you like
  • A brief intro to a topic we may or may not know (tell us what root systems are or something)
  • A cool mathematical trick

Your presentation can be as high-brow (the most advanced thing you understand) or low-brow (count multiples of 9 using your fingers) as you like. It doesn't have to be something we don't know already. (Maybe someone won't know and will be one of today's lucky 10,000.) Anyone may attend, and anyone may give a presentation. No need to sign up in advance, but if we have too many people interested on the day, we may need to limit the numbers for the sake of time.

Logistics: Since these "talks" are so short, a lot of different methods will work to do your presentation. Sharing the screen of a tablet computer that you can write on might be easiest, but here are a few methods you could try other than a tablet:
  • Share a computer screen with slides or typed notes
  • Take a photo of hand-written notes, and open as a PDF
  • Literally hand-wave, and focus on the big ideas rather than equations

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