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1928 - Dad (Floyd, forth from left, front row) at age 14 in Lakin Kansas. He was the alpha male in his class. Dad died in 1992.

1930 - From left: Uncle Merlin, Grandmother (Mina), Dad and Gradfather (Ralph) Jones on vacation in New Mexico. Merlin (b. 1920) married my mother after Dad died.

1940 - Mom (Mary) at age 20. Mom died in 2011 at the age of 90.

1948 - Dad after WWII

1960 - Me, age 10 at Griffith Obseratory. Jeans were outlawed in school at this time.

1968 - The Woodrow Wilson High School Physics Team. I am front right. Yep, that's what we looked like in those days.

1971 - Occidental College radio station KOXY. Me (engineer, left) and Mark Defriest (manager) digging ditches for the signal cable. I  built all the station electronics.

1972 - Occidental College senior yearbook picture of me and very soon to be wife Debby (class of '70). We were in our 1908 reality construct costumes.

1973 - At Hale Pohaku, the base camp for Mauna Kea Observatory. This was when the 'dorm' was a wooden shack.

1976 - Debby and me on Molokai. Life was really rough as a graduate student in Hawaii.

1980 - With daughter Rhiannon, about 1 year old, at a beach on the SW coast of Australia. Life was really rough as a postdoc in Australia.

1982 - Four generations,  Mother, Grandmother, me and Rhiannon.

1984 - Me with Bryan (few months old) and Rhiannon on the porch at our first house in Minnesota.

1988 - Debby, Rhiannon and Bryan at a park near the St. Croix river.

1990 - Rhiannon, Bryan and me at the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve outside Canberra Australia.

1995 - The Jones family. Church portrait.

1999 - The Jones family outside Debby's parent's house in Port Townsend WA.

2002 - Me on Buchstein in southern Bavaria.

2003 - Rhiannon, Debby and Bryan at the Waipio Valley overlook on the Big Island of Hawaii.

2005 - Rhiannon in her Arwyn costume at Costume Con. Rhiannon is carrying on the costuming tradition of her mother.

UH Institute for Astronomy 50th Anniversary meeting, June 2017 on Oahu. I am the one with the hat near the center. Debby is right center (blonde/silver hair).