trevor karn

about me

i'm a mathematics phd student at the University of Minnesota.

my research interests are in algebraic combinatorics and applied topology.
my advisor is Vic Reiner.
here is my cv.
my pronouns are he/him.

combinatorics seminar

in 2021, the UMN student algebra and combinatorics seminar organizers are Robbie Angarone, Carolyn Stephen, and Sasha Pevzner. the schedule can be found at Sasha's website. here is the schedule of speakers from the 2020 UMN student algebra and combinatorics seminar.



i have taught the following classes at UMN:

  • linear algebra and differential equations (fall 2020, spring 2021)
  • calculus ii (spring 2020, fall 2021)
  • calculus i (fall 2019)
  • open source development

    i'm a fan of python. in particular, sagemath. since late 2020 i have been contributing to sagemath.

    in summer 2021 i participated in the Google Summer of Code with sagemath.


    check out my github for some written preliminary exam solutions. feel free to make pull requests!

    a photo of me

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