Lawrence Rudnick
Distinguished Teaching Professor 
Office : physics 383 
phone : 612-624-3396 
fax : 612-626-2029 

Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics
School of Physics & Astronomy

College of Science & Engineering     University of Minnesota  

116 Church St. SE 
Minneapolis, MN 55455 

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Art credit:  left: NASA/CXC/D.Berry; Model: NASA/CXC/MIT/T.Delaney et al.)

right: B. Saxton, NRAO.
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    Research Interests

Multiwavelength Observations of
Supernova Remnants and Radio Galaxies,Large Scale Structure, Relativistic Particle Acceleration
with funding from NSF and NASA.
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Teaching Activities:

  • Cosmic Catastrophes (freshman seminar)
  • Through a Glass Darkly(freshman seminar)
  • Nothing (freshman seminar) [link is a puzzle]...
  • Our Changing Planet
  • Math and Our Universe
  • Exploring the Universe
  • Introductory Astronomy (honors)
  • Graduate Seminar - Supernova Remnants
  • Introduction to Astrophysics


    1997-98 Horace T. Morse - UM Alumni Award for Outstanding
    Contributions to Undergraduate Education

    - George Taylor / I.T. Alumni Distinguished Teaching Award - 1990

    - Minnesota Planetarium Society .

          - earlier outreach work...

    Minneapolis Public Schools- Math and Science Matters

    - Newton's Apple  and  Dragonfly

    Current and Former Students:  

    (hey guys, please send me updated addresses, etc!)

    Martha C. Anderson , USDA

    Shea Brown. , University of Minnesota (current)

    Tracey DeLaney , Kavli Institute, MIT

    Jessica Ennis. , University of Minnesota (current)

    Karl Isensee , University of Minnesota (current)

    Debora Katz, Ph.D. , US Naval Academy.

    Jonathan Keohane. Ph.D. , Spitzer Space Center

    Jeff Pedelty, Ph.D. , NASA/GSFC.

    Andrew Young,Casper College

    I'm still trying to pull this together. If you are/aren't listed here appropriately, (or if you'd rather not have our association known!) please let me know. Thanks.

    Mark Adams, NRAO

    William Bottke, Caltech.

    Jared Bowden  Casper College

    John Brasunas,   NASA, GSFC.

    Chris Butenhoff , University of Calgary.

    Heather Grebe , Employers Reinsurance Corporation.

    Barron Koralesky , Macalaster College

    Tod Lauer, NOAO.

    Susan Neff,  Head, UV/Opt. Astr. Branch, LASP, GSFC, NASA.

    Brian Neurauter, flarePrintCommunications, Inc.

    Kari Treichel 

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