Multi-Manifold Clustering

Multi-Manifold Clustering (MMC) is a type of spectral algorithm for clustering data which resides on non-Euclidean spaces and has intersections between different groups. It appears in the following two papers.

Matlab code for Multi-Manifold ClusteringMMC.

For additional short description, see slides.

Data Sets

The following are links to the data sets used in this work: Brodatz texture dataset, Dyntex++ dataset. For use of these data sets, please refer to the original websites for details.


The material presented in this work is supported by Digital Technology Initiative, NSF grants DMS-09-56072, DMS-14-18386 and Eager-13-43860, Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship at UMN and Feinberg Foundation Visiting Faculty Program Fellowship of the Weizmann Institute of Science.


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