Workshops and Minisymposia I Organized or Co-Organized

Hot topics workshop: Recent Themes in Resource Tradeoffs: Privacy, Fairness and Robustness, IMA, Minneapolis, MN, 2019, co-organizer

2019 IEEE Data Science Workshop, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, 2019, local arrangements co-chair

Hot topics workshop: Transdisciplinary Foundations of Data Science, IMA, Minneapolis, MN, 2016

Hot topics workshop: Resource Trade-offs: Computation, Communication, and Information, IMA, Minneapolis, MN, 2016

LDHD Opening Workshop, SAMSI, Research Triangle, NC, 2013

Annual Program on Low-dimensional Structure in High-dimensional Systems (LDHD), SAMSI, Research Triangle, NC, 2013-14

Minisymposium on Sparse and Low-rank Modeling in the Geophysical Sciences, SIAM Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, 2013

Minisymposium on Low Rank and Sparse Modeling, SIAM Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, 2012

Minisymposium on Low Rank Modeling and its Applications to Imaging, SIAM imaging, Philadelphia, PA, 2012

Mathematical Modeling in Industry XV: A Workshop for Graduate Students, Minneapolis, MN, 2011

Symposium on manifold learning and its applications, AAAI, Arlington, VA, 2010

Minisymposium on emerging themes in geometric data modeling with applications to imaging, SIAM imaging, Chicago, IL, 2010

Hot topics workshop: multi-manifold data modeling and applications, IMA, Minneapolis, MN, 2008

Minisymposium on hybrid linear and nonlinear modeling and their applications, SIAM imaging, San Diego, CA, 2008

Minisymposium on multiscale geometric techniques for images and image-like data sets, SIAM imaging, Minneapolis, MN, 2006


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