Rank-Constrained Tracking

(by Bryan Poling, Gilad Lerman & Arthur Szlam)

Supplemental Webpage

Code (C++/OpenCV)

Feature Tracking Dataset

Video Spotlight

Qualitative Results On Real Videos

Synthetic Experiment Results Files


Poling, B., Lerman, G., Szlam, A.: Better Feature Tracking Through Subspace Constraints. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2014. CVPR 2014. URL: TBD (Preprint: arxiv:1405.2316, Appendix (supplemental text))


University of Minnesota Math/Physics Seminar - 2014 (Slides)
Demonstration videos (low-light indoor scene):
KLT tracker with gyro-homography initialization
Gradient descent tracker with gyro-homography initialization
Rank-penalized tracker

Support Acknowledgement

This work was supported by NSF award DMS-09-56072, the Sloan foundation, the University of Minnesota Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship Program, and the Feinberg Foundation Visiting Faculty Program Fellowship of the Weizmann Institute of Science.

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