Zachary Levonian     

PhD in Computer Science
University of Minnesota
   levon003 at umn dot edu

My research lies at the intersection of social computing and natural language processing. I am interested in the way humans communicate with and support one another online.

I completed my PhD with GroupLens in October 2022. I was advised by Professors Lana Yarosh and Loren Terveen.

What's New

Social Support in Online Health Communities

Online social support groups are important places for patients and caregivers to seek information, express themselves, and exchange support. We are collaborating with CaringBridge, a prominent online community for writing about and sharing personal health journeys, to study these online health communities. My current work investigates how to foster supportive relationships between CaringBridge authors via peer-to-peer recommendation. Publications accepted to [ICWSM 2020], [CSCW 2020], and [TOCHI].

Automatic Speech Recognition for Aviation

I worked with a research team at The MITRE Corporation to create real-time safety monitoring systems for air traffic control towers. These systems utilize automatic speech recognition to detect radio misunderstandings. This work was presented at [DASC 2015] and [ATM 2017]. I also received a fellowship through MITRE's Early Career Research Program to explore natural language understanding of air traffic controller and pilot radio transmissions.

Google Scholar profile
Published by undergraduate and Master's students I have mentored.
It has been my pleasure to work and research with:
    Hannah Miller Hillberg (UW Oshkosh)
    Shuo Chen (MITRE CAASD)
    Robert Tarakan (MITRE CAASD)
    Mike Wittie (Montana State University)
    Sherri Goings (Carleton College)
    Renata Fitzpatrick (Carleton College)
    ...and many others to follow!


In my spare time, I visit Minneapolis' many fine breweries and see weird indie shows. I have competed in exactly one curling tournament, where I was laughed at by a former olympian.

I go by Zach or Zachary and my preferred pronouns are he/his/him.

I am on Mastodon or Twitter.

This page last edited on November 29, 2022.