Katherine A. Maxwell


  • The Super Mumford Form and Sato Grassmannian. Preprint
  • arXiv:2002.06625

    We describe a supersymmetric generalization of the construction of Kontsevich and Arbarello, De Concini, Kac, and Procesi, which utilizes a relation between the moduli space of curves with the infinite-dimensional Sato Grassmannian. Our main result is the existence of a flat holomorphic connection on the line bundle λ3/2⊗λ−51/2 on the moduli space of triples: a super Riemann surface, a Neveu-Schwarz puncture, and a formal coordinate system.
  • Bell Inequalities with Communication Assistance. with E. Chitambar
  • K. Maxwell and E. Chitambar, Bell Inequalities with Communication Assistance. Phys. Rev. A, 89, 042108. (15 April 2014).


    In this paper we consider the possible correlations between two parties using local machines and shared randomness with an additional amount of classical communication. This is a continuation of the work initiated by Bacon and Toner in Ref. [Phys. Rev. Lett. 90, 157904 (2003)] who characterized the correlation polytope for 2×2 measurement settings with binary outcomes plus one bit of communication. Here, we derive a complete set of Bell Inequalities for 3×2 measurement settings and a shared bit of communication. When the communication direction is fixed, nine Bell Inequalities characterize the correlation polytope, whereas when the communication direction is bi-directional, 143 inequalities describe the correlations. We then prove a tight lower bound on the amount of communication needed to simulate all no-signaling correlations for a given number of measurement settings.

Research Interests

My interests include mathematical physics, supergeometry, and algebraic geometry. More specifically, I have been working with Lie algebroids, super Riemann surfaces, determinant line bundles, infinite dimensional geometries, moduli space of curves, and the Sato Grassmannian.

As an undergraduate, I worked on theoretical quantum mechanics research, first from the perspective of quantum information theory investigating entanglement with Eric Chitambar, and second in a project interpreting Wigner functions as the time components of a particle current with Taner Edis.