I'm trying to write a rdf file for a urc 31xxx On the remote its actually labeled urc-31xxxb01 but looking at the oneforall site they just call it a 31xxx.
Anyway I've been reading the email Rob set to the mailing list as well as some other docs I found.

Important Files


  • Device buttons send power command.
  • On the outside cover of the remote it says URC-31476.
  • Macro via 995 only works with the macro button. I noticed I can use IR to program macros though on any button with the semi working rdf I have...
  • Would not accept another device for the cable through the buttons. IR let me do another device with no problem.
  • Volume lock only affected one address when I set it up it just set the device #.
  • What I did

    So the first step is to pick a similar remote I'm totally guessing but I'm going to go with a combo of the rdf for the URC-44xxxB00 and the Navigator which are listed above, since it seems the closest as far as urc numbers, and number of devices on the remote.

    Ok looking at my original DUMP I need to convert the following to asci: 49 4E 54 55 13 DC 91 20 and looking at an ascii table I get: I N T U (DC3) (No clue what DC or 91 translates to later I figured out that bit) (DC4)

    So my signature is INTU. So we create a file name INTU (URC-31xxx).rdf I then copied the general, settings and checksums from the 44xxxB00 remote.

    My next step was to program the remote to use the following devices in this order:

  • TV: 003 (In Hex: 00 03)
  • Cable: 476 (In Hex: 01 DC)
  • VCR: 048 (In Hex: 00 30)
  • I actually had a goofy time with the Cable bit because the remote would not accept any other code so I had to blink back what it had programmed in for a cable device and then figure out the hex for that and find it.

    Then what you do is just look at the raw data between the two and compare whats changed. Then look for your hex bits to find out what devices got what.

    Next I Created a Buttons Section The way I did this was to do the following:
    I found the first button I could TV which was labeled 00 and started there putting each button on one line so it looked like this:


    Next I filled in all of the gaps with
    Finally I converted each of the numbers to hex 00=$01, 01=$02 it helps to look at another rdf at this stage so you don't get your numbers mixed up.

    OK so whats next?

    Next its time to square away the:
  • UpgradeAddr
  • and VTP settings.
  • Also what should I have for the Processor?
  • I also have no clue on the DigitMaps.