You'll notice this isn't a very flashy page. Trying to keep the bandwith pretty low. Anyway if you have any questions about images or utilities on this page or want me to make you an image drop me some email:


Thanks for dropping by.
Kent Mein

Also check out my Blender Page

Images I've entered in the IRTC and their source code(in tar compressed format).

time.tgz marvin.tgz app.tgz zeus.tgz


Of course there is also the simple: logo's, speedy.jpg, sdo.jpg.
Pretty basic landscapes: Island, desert.
A bunch of unfinished junk.

Animation stuff

A couple of years back I did an animation that ran through a maze and then the Camera was swallowed By a minitaur While I don't have the video anymore you can get a pretty good feel for things from these images.

  • A simple bowling animation I'm working on.
  • Some simple Utilities

  • A perl script to create spider webs, and sample output.
  • Perl script to create mpegs.
  • objtemplate.pl.


  • Blender
  • http://www.povray.org/
  • Texture Library
  • AC3D
  • The Graphics File Format Page (3D specs + Anim)
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