MATH 1271
Calculus I
Fall 2014

The balls in the sculpture outside our lecture room are not spheres but intersections of cylinders, and their volumes can be calculated using the techniques of (multi-variable) Calculus. MATH 1271 is a first course in single-variable Calculus.

Lecture 020: MWF 10:10-11:00, MCB 3-120
Lecturer: Bryan Mosher

Lecture 020 Moodle site
TA: Trevor Steil
021: TuTh 10:10-11:00, Aker 327
024: TuTh 11:15-12:05, VinH 311

TA: Tianyu Tao
022: TuTh 10:10-11:00, Aker 317
025: TuTh 11:15-12:05, Phys 210

TA: Harini Chandramouli
023: TuTh 10:10-11:00, Aker 313
026: TuTh 11:15-12:05, Smith 331

TA: Marco Ponce de Leon
027: TuTh 11:15-12:05, Amund 162

Note: Office hours begin Wednesday 3 September.
Instructoroffice houroffice hour locationemail address
Bryan MosherMW 11-12, W 1-2Vincent (VinH)
Trevor SteilMW 2:30-3:30, Tu 2-4VinH
Tianyu TaoMW 12-1, MTu 4-5VinH
Harini ChandramouliTuTh 8-10VinH
Marco Ponce de LeonTu 12-1, W 4-5VinH
TAs' office hours are open to students from any discussion associated to Lecture 020.
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