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CSCI 8980, Computation and Deduction, Fall 2004
Online Discussion Using HyperNews

Organization and Purpose

Class discussions should be conducted to the extent possible through HyperNews. This way, everyone can participate in and benefit from a discussion that occurs at any point in the course.

HyperNews allows you to attach messages directly to forums or to messages posted within the forum by someone else. You would do the former when you want to start a new discussion and the latter when you want to participate in an ongoing one. There are three conceptual forums for this course:

The Class Work forum is to be used for discussions pertaining to course content. Post concerns and criticisms that you may have with the progress of the course and the instruction to the Course Quality forum. Experiment in the Testing forum to get the hang of the system. Make sure to identify yourself completely in all articles you create except perhaps those that you post to the forum for course quality.

References and General Comments

You will need to know something about HyperNews and HTML to make effective use of this medium. The following articles are useful for this purpose: When reading the HyperNews instructions, keep in mind that they describe a configurable system which is still under development. In particular, they may not cover local choices made in the installation that we are using. Some particular points to note are the following:

Special Rules for using HyperNews in CSCI 8980

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