The OTeX Macro Collection

Last updated: February 19, 2015.

“In turning TeX into LaTeX, I have tried to convert a highly-tuned racing car into a comfortable family sedan.”
              — Leslie Lamport, The LaTeX Manual, 1986

“Hmmm.   I think I'd rather drive the Ferrari.”
              — Peter Olver, circa 1992

OTeX is a comprehensive collection of plain TeX macros that will do automatic referencing, equation and theorem numbering, figures, and indexing, as well as many other handy typesetting tasks. It is flexible enough to handle cross referencing for books. My books Equivalence, Invariants, and Symmetry, Classical Invariant Theory, Applied Linear Algebra, and Introduction to Partial Differential Equations were all written using OTeX.

The plain TeX file o.tex includes some documentation, although a complete manual has not yet been written. Comments and questions are greatly appreciated!

A style file that makes almost all the OTeX macros compatible with LaTeX is available upon request.

A Sample OTeX Paper

The plain TeX sources consist of four files:


Professor Peter J. Olver
School of Mathematics
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455