Peter Olver's
Selected Seminar and Conference Talks

Last updated:   September 11, 2021

  1. Higher Order Symmetries of Underdetermined Systems of Partial Differential Equations and Noether's Second Theorem    —    video
        Analytical and Numerical Methods in Differential Equations, Virtual Conference
        August, 2021

  2. Fractalization and Quantization in Dispersive Systems
        Geometry and Differential Equations Seminar, Mathematical Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, and
        Mathematical Physics Seminar, University of Cambridge, England
        March, 2021

  3. The Theory and Applications of Moving Frames
        Groups, invariants, and moving frames, Winter School & Workshop, Wisla
        Baltic Insitute of Mathematics, Warsaw, Poland
        February, 2021

  4. Origins and Applications of Signatures    —    video
        Geometry of curves in time series and shape analysis
        Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig, Germany
        August, 2020

  5. Improving Zooarchaeological Methods for Classifying Fragmented Faunal Remains Using Differential Geometry and Machine Learning    —    video
        Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology
        Kraków, Poland
        April, 2019

  6. Emmy Noether and Symmetry
        The Philosophy and Physics of Noether's Theorems
        University of Notre Dame, Fischer Hall, London, UK
        October, 2018

  7. Algebras of Differential Invariants   —    video
        Kolchin Seminar, City University of New York
        February, 2018

  8. Reassembly of Broken Objects
        Public Lecture, Royal Academy of Sciences, Madrid
        Article in La Razón newspaper
        September, 2017

  9. Emmy Noether: Symmetry and Conservation
        Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
        August, 2017

  10. Symmetry, Invariants, Puzzles, and Cancer
        Lecture for students in grades K-12
        Young Scientist Roundtable, Wayzata Central Middle School, Minnesota
        October, 2016

  11. Dispersive Quantization of Linear and Nonlinear Waves
        Durham University, England
        July, 2016

  12. Adventures in Imaging
        University of Minnesota
        July, 2016

  13. Invariant Signatures and Histograms for Object Recognition and Symmetry Detection
        American Institute of Mathematics
        May, 2016

  14. Emmy Noether: Symmetry and Conservation; History and Impact (public lecture)    —    video
  15. Noether's Two Theorems    —    video
        Convergence, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo, Canada
        June, 2015

  16. Object Recognition, Symmetry Detection, Jigsaw Puzzles, and Cancer
        The Technion, Haifa, Israel
        May, 2015

  17. Moving Frames and their Applications
        The Technion, Haifa, Israel
        May, 2015

  18. Symmetry Groupoids and Signatures of Geometric Objects
        Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Jussieu, Paris, France
        March, 2015

  19. Algebras of Differential Invariants
        Université de Limoges, France
        March, 2015

  20. Equivalence and Invariants: an Overview
        Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay
        December, 2014

  21. Dispersive Quantization — the Talbot Effect
        City University of Hong Kong
        December, 2014

  22. Object Recognition, Symmetry Detection, Jigsaw Puzzles, and Melanomas
        Texas Tech University
        February, 2014

  23. Moving frames and their applications
        Texas Tech University
        February, 2014

  24. Invariant Signatures and Histograms for Object Recognition, Symmetry Detection, and Jigsaw Puzzle Assembly
        University of Chicago
        April, 2013

  25. What's happening with the World Digital Mathematics Library?
        ICERM, Brown University
        December, 2012

  26. Dispersive Quantization
        University of Sydney, Australia
        March, 2012

  27. Invariant Signatures and Histograms for Object Recognition, Symmetry Detection, and Jigsaw Puzzle Assembly
        University of Adelaide, Australia
        March, 2012

  28. Invariant Histograms and Signatures for Object Recognition and Symmetry Detection in Images
        North Carolina State University
        October, 2011

  29. Journals in Flux
        Vancouver, Canada
        July, 2011

  30. Dispersive Quantization
        University of Arizona
        February, 2011

  31. Symmetry Methods for Differential Equations and Conservation Laws
        University of Santiago, Chile
        November, 2010

  32. Poisson Structures and Integrability
        Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques, France
        March, 2010

  33. Moving Frames in Applications
        University of Saskatchewan, Canada
        March, 2010

  34. Lie Pseudo-groups
        Institut Henri Poincaré, France
        December, 2009

  35. Moving Frames
    Moving Frames for Lie Pseudo-groups
        Centro de Ciencias de Benasque, Spain
        September, 2009

  36. Invariant Variational Problems and Invariant Flows
        City University, Hong Kong
        June, 2008

  37. Infinite-Dimensional Symmetry Groups
        École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
        July, 2007

  38. Symmetry-Preserving Numerical Methods
        Cambridge University, England
        June, 2007

  39. Differential Invariants of Surfaces
        University of Iowa
        May, 2007

  40. What are Moving Frames?
        Utah State University
        March, 2007

  41. Differential Invariant Algebras
        Utah State University
        March, 2007

  42. Invariant Signatures
        Breckenridge, Colorado
        March, 2007

  43. Moving Frames in Classical Invariant Theory
        I.M.A., University of Minnesota
        February, 2007

  44. Moving Frames and Dfferential Invariants of Lie Pseudo-Groups
        Daresbury, England
        October, 2006

  45. Moving Frames
        I.M.A., University of Minnesota
        July, 2006

  46. The Structure of Differential Invariant Algebras of Lie Groups and Lie Pseudo-Groups
        RISC, Linz, Austria
        May, 2006

  47. Invariant Signatures for Recognition and Symmetry
        I.M.A., University of Minnesota
        April, 2006

  48. Invariant Variational Problems & Integrable Curve Flows
        Cocoyoc, Mexico
        November, 2005

  49. Moving Frames and Dfferential Invariants of Pseudo-Groups
        University of Waterloo, Canada
        June, 2005

  50. Computational Aspects of Moving Frames
        Santander, Spain
        July, 2004

  51. Moving Frames
        Cocoyoc, Mexico
        November, 2003

  52. Non-associative Local Lie Groups
        Howard University, Washington, DC
        July, 2003

  53. Moving Frames for Pseudo-Groups
        University of Wisconsin
        October, 2002

  54. Ghost Symmetries
        Cadiz, Spain
        June, 2002

  55. Moving Frames and the Geometry of Numerical Analysis
        Cambridge University, England
        April, 2002

  56. Invariant Variational Problems & Moving Frames
        Yerevan, Armenia
        July, 2001

  57. Moving Frames
        Beijing, China
        March, 2001

  58. Moving Frames    —    video
        MSRI, Berkeley, California
        October, 1998