UMN Combinatorics Seminar: Spring 2022

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Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Jan 28 Balazs Elek Virginia Commonwealth University Heaps, Crystals and Preprojective Algebra Modules
Feb 04 Ayah Almousa UMN Polarizations and Hook Partitions
Feb 11 Terrence George Michigan Dimers and Cross-Ratio Dynamics
Feb 18 Patricia Klein UMN Bumpless Pipe Dreams Encode Gröbner Geometry of Schubert Polynomials
Feb 25 Andy Hardt UMN (Super)symmetric Functions from Solvable Lattice Models and Discrete-Time Hamiltonian Operators
Mar 01 Yuval Roichman Bar-Ilan Cyclic Descents, Matchings, and Schur-Positivity
Mar 04 Eric Bucher Xavier Red Sizes for Cluster Algebras
Mar 18 Swee Hong Chan UCLA Combinatorial Atlas for Log-Concave Inequalities
Mar 25 Reuven Hodges UCSD Classifying Levi-Spherical Schubert Varieties
Apr 01 Avery St Dizier UIUC A Polytopal View of Schubert Polynomials
Apr 08 Patty Commins UMN Invariant Theory of the Free Left Regular Band
Apr 15 Dan Douglas Yale Tropical Fock-Goncharov Coordinates for $SL_3$-Webs on Surfaces
Apr 22 Sergi Elizalde Dartmouth Partial Rank Symmetry of Distributive Lattices for Fences
Apr 29 Sam Hopkins Howard University Rank and Characteristic Generating Functions of Upper Homogeneous Posets