UMN Combinatorics Seminar: Fall 2021

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Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Sep 10 Tianyi Yu UC San Diego Grothendieck-to-Lascoux Expansions
Sep 17 Sarah Brauner UMN A Hyperoctahedral Analog of the Whitehouse Representation and Connections to the Type B Mantaci-Reutenauer Algebra
Sep 24 Daoji Huang UMN Bijective Combinatorics in Schubert Calculus with Pipe Dreams and Bumpless Pipe Dreams
Oct 1 Gabriel Frieden LACIM Crystal Invariant Theory
Oct 8 Anton Izosimov University of Arizona Dimers, Networks, and Integrable Systems
Oct 15 Nicolle Gonzalez UCLA A Diagrammatic Carlsson-Mellit Algebra
Oct 22 Nick Ovenhouse UMN Double Dimers and the Super Ptolemy Relation
Oct 29 Chris Fraser Michigan State Cluster Combinatorics of $SL_k$ Skein Algebras in the Presence of Punctures
Nov 5 Jose Simental Rodriguez Max Planck Institute Braids, Weaves and Positroids
Nov 12 Iva Halacheva Northeastern University Crystals and Cacti in Representation Theory
Nov 19 Rebecca Patrias University of St Thomas A Web Basis of Invariant Polynomials from Noncrossing Partitions
Dec 3 Alexander Woo University of Idaho Hessenberg Varieties of Peterson/Permutohedral Type
Dec 10 Anna Weigandt MIT The Castelnuovo-Mumford Regularity of Matrix Schubert Varieties