Michael Barany's Tutte polynomial C code

Here's the very rough idea for usage. Put the columns of a d-by-n matrix into an input data file,
called something like "matrix.dat". This file should contain d (integer) entries separated by tabs, spaces or carriage returns, for each of the n columns (the first column, then the second column, and so forth).

Then compile one of the programs, like tutte.c by saying
gcc tutte.c -o tutte.out
(Pat Byrnes suggested this variant "gcc tutte.c -O3 -o tutte.out",
which performs some optimization that makes it work a lot faster)

Then execute the following command:
./tutte.out d n matrix.dat

The usage variations for the non-vanilla versions go something like this:

./tutte_modp.out d n p matrix.dat
where p is the characteristic of the finite field Z/pZ where one is working.

./tutte.out d n th matrix.dat
where th is a "threshold" to be explained in the manual.

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