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Peter A. Rejto
Professor of Mathematics
School of Mathematics
206 Church St SE #Vin H 127 Minneapolis MN 55455

My office is in Vincent Hall, room 430;
Telephone, 612-625-4598;
email address, rejto@math.umn.edu

Math courses presently teaching and previously taught:

Math 1031 (College Algebra)
Math 1131 (Finite Math)
Math 1051 (Precalculus I)
Math 1151 (Precalculus II)
Math 1272 (Calculus II)
Math 2243 (Differential Equations and Linear Algebra)
Math 2263 (Multivariable Calculus)
Math 4065. (The Theory of Interest.)
Math 4242. (Applied Linear Algebra)
Math 4606. (Advanced Calculus )
Math 8801. (Functional Analysis I)
Math 8802. (Functional Analysis II)


Quantum Mechanics (Term Paper by 1272 Student Prashant Emani)

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