F I L T L A N :   Filtered Lanczos Eigensolver  

This version dated : Mon May 7 08:13:13 CDT 2012

FILTLAN is a software library written in C/C++ for computing extreme or interior eigenvalues of a symmetric matrix by a polynomial filtered Lanczos procedure. The code for extreme eigenvalues by a standard Lanczos procedure without restarting is also included. In both cases, partial reorthogonalization is provided to improve efficiency.
The code was primarily written by Haw-ren Fang - a post-doctoral associate in Yousef Saad's group. The technical reports listed below provide details on the techniques used in the package. Online documentation will be available soon.

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The work leading to FILTLAN was also greatly influenced by this paper:

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  • Haw-ren Fang, hrfang AT cs !dot! umn !dot! edu [Note: main developer]
  • Yousef Saad, saad AT cs !dot! umn !dot! edu