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A photo of me from the 1999 Hong Kong Special Functions conference at CityU 1999. Another one from campus.

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The Askey Liber Amicorum


My publication list is here, which includes pdf or ps versions of papers. For papers not yet appearing, see preprints.

Combinatorics Seminar schedule

In Fall 2022 we meet on Friday, 3:35-4:25. Schedule Daoji Huang and Vic Reiner are the organizers of this semester.

Fun stuff

Roger Norrington in the 2009 film In Search of Beethoven said

"But Mozart was writing for Saturday. Beethoven was writing for eternity."

Math Doppelgangers

Testimonials from the January 11, 2018 dinner at the AMS meeting.

A weird math pop-up ad in yahoo for a bank that I captured Who knew?

top 50 movies, top 40 music top 25 painters. favorite actresses

You can't beat this

Mr. Hulot visits America and finds a surprise?

There is always hope. Imagine what Winston Churchill thought after he graduated from high school and received this letter from his father.

Or this quote from Ian Macdonald relayed by Lauren Williams.

A triode bulb I saw in Mexico City. This came from a border blaster radio station from the 1930's of the infamous goat-gland Dr. Brinkley. Thank you Kansas! He was also an admiral in the Kansas Navy.

The weird Micronation Liberland

Some math Photos

A picture of Dunham Jackson.

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