The 2015 Midwest Combinatorics Conference

The 2015 Midwest Combinatorics Conference will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Tuesday-Thursday May 19-21 2015.

Plenary Speakers: There will be two 60 minute talks by each of the three plenary speakers:

Ben Brubaker, University of Minnesota
Sergey Fomin, University of Michigan
Steven Sam, University of California, Berkeley/University of Wisconsin, Madison

Location: The venue is Vincent Hall on the University of Minnesota campus.

Conference program: There will be additonal 30 minute talks by invitation only. Here is a list of registered participants. Here is the program for the conference.

Speakers, Titles, and Abstracts/pdf's of Talks:

Plenary Speakers

Ben Brubaker, University of Minnesota, Combinatorial Solutions to Automorphic Problems
Sergey Fomin, University of Michigan, Webs, invariants, and clusters and Computing without subtracting (and/or dividing)
Steven Sam, University of California, Berkeley/University of Wisconsin, Madison, Schur-Weyl duality and generalizations

Invited Speakers

Ben Braun, University of Kentucky, Geometric properties of r-stable hypersimplices
Matthew Dyer, University of Notre Dame, Poincaré series of Coxeter groups and multichains in Eulerian posets
Eric Egge, Carleton College, Snow Leopard Permutations, Even Knots, Odd Knots, Janus Knots, and Restricted Catalan Paths
Richard Ehrenborg, University of Kentucky, The descent set polynomial revisited
Ryan Kinser, University of Iowa, New inequalities for subspace arrangements
Aaron Lauve, Loyola University, The characteristic polynomial of the antipode for combinatorial Hopf algebras
Jeremy Martin, University of Kansas, A non-partitionable Cohen-Macaulay simplicial complex
Kyle Petersen, DePaul University, Surrounding Gessel's conjecture
Bruce Sagan, Michigan State University, Of antipodes and involutions
John Shareshian, Washington University in St. Louis, Subrack lattices of group racks
Anna Stokke, University of Winnipeg, Increasing tableaux and the cyclic sieving phenomenon
Bridget Tenner, DePaul University, Enumeration problems about reduced words
Martha Yip, University of Kentucky, A categorification of the chromatic symmetric function
Alex Yong, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Combinatorics and geometry of symmetric orbit closures
Fabrizio Zanello, Michigan Technological University, Partitions with distinct parts and unimodality

Photos: Here is a link for some conference photos.

Registration: There is no registration fee, and all are invited to attend the talks. However all participants must register by April 1, 2015 by sending e-mail to Dennis Stanton.

Hotels: Nearly all participants will stay at the Days Inn. If you are supported by the conference we will book a room there for you. Another nearby hotel (even closer) is The Commons Hotel.

Local Travel Information: The MSP airport (terminals 1 and 2) has stops for the light rail transit (LRT) serving Minneapolis and St. Paul. To get to the Days Inn via the LRT, first buy your ticket ($1.75 or $2.25) at the automated ticket machine, which is located between the down escalators which take you to the LRT airport underground station. It is likely that no one will take your ticket. Then board the train (Blue) going to downtown Minneapolis. Get off after 9 stops at Downtown East, and change to the Green train to St. Paul. (You will cross the tracks to change.) The Stadium Village stop (3 stops) is The Days Inn. A transit map is here. Taxi service is also available, an approximate fare is $40. There is no reimbursement for taxis or the LRT.

Social Events: There will be an informal reception, 5:30-6:30 on Tuesday in Vincent Hall. On Wednesday night at 8 pm there is an after dinner wine/dessert party at Vic Reiner's house.

Other Events: There are 2 combinatorics seminar talks on Friday May 22, see this schedule.

Travel support: The conference does offer travel/local support particularly to graduate students and people early in their career. Others may also apply for support. Travel awards now (February 17, 2015) are being made. NEW! (March 17, 2015) Travel support funds are dwindling, you should apply as soon as possible.

Organizing Committee:

Gregg Musiker
Pasha Pylyavskyy
Vic Reiner
Dennis Stanton

Questions may be sent to any of us.

Acknowledgement: This conference is supported by NSF RTG Grant DMS-1148634.