The 2017 Midwest Combinatorics Conference

The 2017 Midwest Combinatorics Conference will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Tuesday-Thursday May 23-25, 2017.

Plenary Speakers: There will be two 60 minute talks by each of the three plenary speakers:

Thomas Lam, University of Michigan
Greta Panova, University of Pennsylvania
John Shareshian, Washington University in St. Louis

Location: The venue is Vincent Hall on the University of Minnesota campus.

Conference program: There will be additional 30 minute talks by invitation only. Here is a list of registered participants. Here is the program for the conference.

Speakers, Titles, and Abstracts of Talks:

Plenary Speakers

Thomas Lam, University of Michigan, Affine Schubert polynomials
Greta Panova, University of Pennsylvania, Kronecker and plethysm coefficients in Geometric Complexity Theory and Hook formulas for skew shapes: combinatorics, asymptotics and beyond
John Shareshian, Washington University in St. Louis, Chromatic quasisymmetric functions and regular semisimple Hessenberg varieties

Invited Speakers

Steve Butler, Iowa State University, Enumerating (multiplex) juggling patterns with cards
Angelica Cueto, Ohio State University, Tropical geometry of genus 2 curves
Max Glick, University of Connecticut, The limit point of the pentagram map
Tom Halverson, Macalester, Tensor Multiplicities for the Symmetric Group, Set Partitions, and Partition Algebras
Jia Huang, University of Nebraska, Kearney, Nonassociativity of some binary operations
Sun Kim, University of Illinois, Bressoud's Conjecture
Tri Lai, University of Nebraska, q-enumeration of lozenge tilings
Kyungyong Lee, University of Nebraska, A conjectural description for real Schur roots of acyclic quivers
Alex Miller, University of Illinois, Orthogonal polynomials and Smith normal form
Margaret Readdy, University of Kentucky, q-Stirling identities revisited
Jessica Striker, North Dakota State University, Promotion and rowmotion, revisited
Sheila Sundaram, Pierrepont School, Westport, CT, Plethysm and characters of Sn induced from centralisers
Peter Tingley, Loyola University Chicago, Crystal combinatorics from Lusztig's PBW bases
Nathan Williams, University of California-Santa Barbara, Sweeping up Zeta
Alex Yong, University of Illinois, Newton polytopes in algebraic combinatorics

Photos: Here are the photos of the 2017 MCC. Thanks to Bonny Fleming.

Registration: There is no registration fee, and all are invited to attend the talks. However all participants must register by April 1, 2017 by sending e-mail to Dennis Stanton.

Arrival-Departure Dates: Attendees should arrive Monday evening May 22, the conference begins Tuesday morning. Most attendees will depart Thursday afternoon May 25, the conference ends early Thursday afternoon.

Hotels: Nearly all participants will stay at the Days Inn. If you are supported by the conference we will book a room there for you. Another nearby hotel (even closer) is The Commons Hotel.

Local Travel Information: The MSP airport (terminals 1 and 2) has stops for the light rail transit (LRT) serving Minneapolis and St. Paul. To get to the Days Inn via the LRT, first buy your ticket ($1.75 or $2.25) at the automated ticket machine. It is located between the down escalators which take you to the LRT airport underground station. It is likely that no one will take your ticket on the train. Then board the train (Blue) going to downtown Minneapolis. Get off after 9 stops at US Bank Stadium, and change to the Green train to St. Paul. (You will cross the tracks to change.) The Stadium Village stop (3 stops) is The Days Inn. It is a short walk from the LRT stop to the Days Inn. The Commons Hotel is across from the Green train East Bank stop. A transit map is here. Taxi service is also available, an approximate fare is $50.

Social Events: There will be a conference party Tuesday night May 23, location 121 Washington Av South, Room 315. A group may want to explore this place Wednesday night.

Other Events: For those with extra time Thursday, the MIA has an exhibition on the "artwork" in Guillermo del Toro films. The permanent collection is also of interest. The Mill City Museum is worth a trip and is within walking distance of the campus.

Travel support: The conference does offer travel/local support, particularly to those early in their careers on a first-come first-serve basis. For information, see 2017 MCC Support Information

Organizing Committee:

Gregg Musiker
Pasha Pylyavskyy
Vic Reiner
Dennis Stanton

Questions may be sent to any of us.

Acknowledgement: This conference is supported by NSF RTG Grant DMS-1148634.