Puneet Goel, Stergios I. Roumeliotis and Gaurav S. Sukhatme:

"Robot Localization Using Relative and Absolute Position Estimates"



A low cost strategy based on well calibrated odom­ etry is presented for localizing mobile robots. The paper describes a two­step process for correction of 'systematic errors' in encoder measurements followed by fusion of the calibrated odometry with a gyroscope and GPS resulting in a robust localization scheme. A kalman filter operating on data from the sensors is used for estimating position and orientation of the robot. Experimental results are presented that show an improvement of at least one order of magnitude in ac­ curacy compared to the un­calibrated, un­filtered case. Our method is systematic, simple and yields very good results. We show that this strategy proves useful when the robot is using GPS to localize itself as well as when GPS becomes unavailable for some time. As a result robot can move in and out of enclosed spaces, such as buildings, while keeping track of its position on the fly.