Minnesota Research Workshop in Algebra & Combinatorics

MRWAC is a research workshop designed to foster collaboration within the combinatorics and algebra group at the University of Minnesota. It focuses on current graduate students and postdocs, with openings for recent PhD alumni. Information about current and previous workshops can be found below, where an asterisk* indicates the coordinator(s).

2022 May 23rd to May 27th

We will be providing foods and snacks, so please RSVP by filling out this availability form (if you haven't)! Note that this is different from the first google form that we sent out.


Robbie Angarone*, Esther Banaian, Elise Catania, Angel Chavez, Sunita Chepuri, Tara Gomes, Emily Gunawan, Daoji Huang, Trevor Karn*, Elizabeth Kelley, Anastasia Nathanson, Sasha Pevzner, Toby Ramaswamy, Carolyn Stephen, Carolyn Stephen, Eduardo Torres Davila, Sylvester Zhang*.


Problem Proposals.
  1. Sylvester Zhang. Positivity of %-immanants.
  2. Emily Gunawan. Volumes of pattern-avoiding polytopes and Cambrian lattices.
  3. Sasha Pevzner. Counting Linear Extension of Posets.
  4. Sunita Chepuri. Trip permutations for unreduced plabic graphs.
  5. Mahrud Sayrafi. Toric varieties and problems of algebraic combinatorics.
  6. Esther Banaian. TBD.


The first edition (called "Combinatorics Working Groups") was held virtually in 2020 in order to fill the gap left by the GRWC which was canceled due to COVID-19.


Esther Banaian, Sarah Brauner, Sunita Chepuri, Patricia Commins, Galen Dorpalen-Barry, Libby Farrell, Andy Hardt, Trevor Karn*, Elizabeth Kelley, Eric Stucky, Kayla Wright, Sylvester Zhang.


Problem Proposals
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