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MESS: Minnesota Embedded Sensor System

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VigilNet V1.3 [Project Website]

VigilNet is one of the major efforts in the sensor network community to build an integrated sensor network system for surveillance missions. The focus of this effort is to acquire and verify information about enemy capabilities and positions of hostile targets. Such missions often involve a high element of risk for human personnel and require a high degree of stealthiness. Hence, the ability to deploy unmanned surveillance missions, by using wireless sensor networks, is of great practical importance for the military. Because of the energy constraints of sensor devices, such systems necessitate an energy-aware design to ensure the longevity of surveillance missions.

VigilNet currently consists about 40,000 lines of NesC and Java code, running on XSM, Mica2 and Mica2dot platforms.  The complete system is designed to scale to at least 1000 XSM motes and cover minimal 100,1000 square meters to ensure operational applicability. 

EnviroTrack V1.0 [Project Website]

EnviroTrack, as an object-based distributed middleware system, raises the level of programming abstraction by providing a convenient and powerful interface to the application developer geared towards tracking the physical environment. It contains run-time mechanisms that efficiently abstract groups of sensors by logical objects which maintain aggregate environmental state. Such objects may be logically attached to moving entities in the physical environment, in order to monitor the state of the tracked entity. The EnviroTrack middleware library implements a set of protocols that off-load from an application developer the details of inter-object communication, object mobility, as well as the maintenance of tracking objects and their state.

EnviroTrack 1.0 is built upon TinyOS 1.1.0

JIAJIA NT 2.0 [Project Website]
        A shared memory system with  a locked-based cache coherence protocol and A NUMA-like memory organization scheme.