Notes on motivic homotopy theory

In Fall 2004, Mike Hopkins gave a seminar at Harvard on joint work with Fabien Morel relating algebraic K-theory with motivic cohomology. These are notes which I typed up from these lectures.

Any mistakes within these notes are my own, and one should take great care with them. I am happy to accept comments or corrections.


Week Comments Link
Week 1 Notes originally taken by Mark Behrens DVI
Week 2 This week consisted of the definitions and properties of model categories, as well as Quillen homology and localization.
To my eternal shame, this was never TeXed.
Week 3 DVI
Week 4 This week has some gaps in the mathematics related to the Serre spectral sequence. DVI
Week 5 DVI
Week 6 DVI
Week 7 DVI
Week 8 DVI