Math 1571H Honors Calculus Fall Semester 2001

Assignment 11
- Due on or before Wednesday 11/21/2001
Either give your work to me in class on that day, or put it in Zach McGregor-Dorsey's mailbox in the mail room on floor one of Vincent Hall by 3pm on Wednesday 11/21. There will be no quiz this week!

Read: Simmons sections 6.5 and 6.6.
Once again I find that I have set questions in the last assignment on material we are only covering on Wednesday, so section 6.5 and the question on it are transferred to this assignment.

6.5: 1*
6.6: 3, 4, 8*, 10, 15, 16*, 22, 38, 39, 42*

Also, do the following which are relevant for section 6.5:
For each of the following expressions find a function f and an interval [a,b] so that the expression shown is a Riemann sum