Math 1571H Honors Calculus Fall Semester 2001

Assignment 4 - Due Thursday 10/4/2001

The first mid-term exam will take place in class on Monday 10/1/2001. The material to be covered will be sections 18.1-18.4, 17.1, 1.5, 1.6. You may use calculators on the exam, but you may not use the book or notes. There will probably be 3 questions, but question 1 has many parts to it.

Revision tips:
Make sure you are familiar with equations of lines and planes in their various forms, can find the normals to planes, calculate where lines intersect planes, find the angle between two planes, find the shortest distance from a point to a plane, find the shortest distance between two lines, etc. This in turn will make you revise dot and cross products. Make sure you can remember the formula in coordinates for a cross product.

With parametric equations for curves, I probably can't ask you to sketch the curve, but if you do find yourself sketching something, make sure you label axes, put in points of intersection with axes or at least indicate some kind of scale on the axes, and indicate asymptotes.

Read: Simmons, Sections 2.3, 2.4
In fact it is probably better not to read these sections first, but to go to the problems and see what you can do. We are going through the material at such a pace that there is a lot to read, and it is not always beneficial to read it all!

Sec. 2.3: 24, 25, 27, 30*, 37, 38*, 39, 40, 41*, 45
Sec. 2.4: 8*, probably not 9, 10, 12*, 14*, 15