Math 2573H Honors Calculus III Fall Semester 2002

Assignment 10 - Due Thursday 11/14/2002

Read: Williamson and Trotter, Chapter 7 Sections 6 and Chapter 8 Section 1.

We are skipping Chapter 7 Section 5, because we did the main things in this section last year. (However, I find it interesting that in this section they use the word 'moment', rather than 'torque', because I was taught to use 'moment' but people nowadays don't seem to use it.)

You need to have an idea about improper integrals, but I find that Chapter 7 Section 6 (on this topic) is not well-written in that they do not say precisely what they mean by an integral converging in the multi-dimensional case. At the end of that section they do as an exercise (qn. 7 on page 306) the result about the normal distribution which I did for you in class.

We will skip Chapter 7 Section 7.

Chap 7 Sec 6 pages 305-307: 1c*de*fgh
Chap 8 Sec 1 pages 325-328: 1, 1b*, 1d*, 1e*, 2, 3, 4*, 5, 10, 12, 14, 14c*, 14b* 15, 16*