Math 2573H Honors Calculus III Fall Semester 2002

The third mid-term exam will take place in recitation on Thursday 12/5/02.

The final exam will be on Monday 12/16/02 from 1:30 to 4:30 in Armory 202.

Assignment 13 - This is only due if Dan says it should be due. The point is that we still have two more sections to cover and you should do some practice questions on this material, because there may be questions on it in the final exam. However, it is not so easy for you to do questions, hand them in to Dan, and get them back in time. If Dan wishes to come to some arrangement about this, I leave it to him. In any case I give a list of questions below which look instructive, together with stars on the questions I suggest you hand in, if it turns out that you should do this(!).

Read: Williamson and Trotter, Chapter 9 Section 4, Chapter 9 Section 5.

Chap 9 Sec 4 pages 391-393: 7, 7b* 8*, 10, 13*, 15, 16
Chap 9 Sec 5 pages 401-404: 2, 9, 12*, 15, 16.