Math 2573H Honors Calculus III Fall Semester 2002

Assignment 5 - Due Thursday 10/10/2002

Read: Williamson and Trotter, the rest of Chapter 5 Section 3, skim Chapter 5 Section 4, Chapter 5 Section 5. We already did the material of Chapter 5 Section 4 last year. It is about functions defined on vectors which take scalar values (not vector values) and that is the situation we studied before. I think the material of Section 5 is probably not very useful in practice, but it is a good exercise in thinking about the derivative in general.

Chap 5 Sec 3 (pages 167-170): 4, 5*, 6*(using only the function of 1a), 7*, 8*, 12, 12b*, 13, 14, 17
Note that question 5c should read: (c) Draw the two curves defined parametrically by the two Taylor approximations in part (b).

Chapter 5 Sec 5 (pages 182-183): 5*