Math 3592H Honors Mathematics I Fall Semester 2003

Assignment 13 - Due Thursday 12/11/03

Read: Hubbard and Hubbard Section 2.9.

Exercises :
Hand in only the exercises which have stars by them.

Section 2.9 (pages 282-284): 1c*d*e*, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10*, 11*, 12, 13, 14*, 15, 16*
Section 2.10 (pages 285-290): 29*, 30, 31, 32
(I notice that question 2.9.5 seems the same as 2.9.7ab and 2.9.14 is the same as 2.30 on page 289.)

Webb's Words:
The exam on December 4 will be about the material in Sections 2.1 - 2.7 which we have studied. In Section 2.7 all you need to be able to do is remember the formula for Newton's method, or reconstruct it quickly, and use it. You don't need to know about Kantorovich's theorem and Lipschitz conditions.

In Section 2.9 we will do the 'short versions' of the inverse and implicit function theorems, 2.9.4 and 2.9.10, and we will not study the proof given of the inverse function theorem. This means we will study up to page 269 and then pages 274-275. It is not clear to me at this moment whether pages 278-281 will be useful to us. They might be, but I suspect not. It is probably better to go straight to the exercises.

The final exam will be on all the material we have done up to and including Section 2.9, even though it is just possible that I will start teaching Chapter 3 before the end of the semester.

Julian's Joke:
Why did the turkey cross the park? To get to the other slide.