Review for the final exam

The Math 2243 final exam will be held in several rooms in Kenneth H Keller Hall, on Friday December 13, 1:30-4:30. Please see the link to the table of rooms from my home page. The exam is on everything we have done, with equal emphasis on all sections. These sections from the book are 1.1-1.5, 2.1-2.4, 3.1-3.6, 4.1-4.5, 4.7, 5.1 - 5.6, 6.1, 6.2, 7.1 - 7.3, 7.5, 10.1, 10.2.

There are already lists of practice questions for exams 1-3. Here are some extra questions from the remaining sections which I have selected to help you with review for the final exam. These questions are intended to help, not to be a list of things which, by implication, you should or should not know. I have tried to find a question for each important topic, but I may have missed some out. You should make sure that you can do each of the questions fluently, so that if you are slow on some questions you should do some more so as to get practice. For some topics there is more than one question. You should still know topics if I have missed them out.

Section 7.3: 3, 9
Section 7.5: 2, 13, 18
Section 10.1: 19, 21, 28, 30
Section 10.2: 3, 15, 24 (by any method, not just using Theorem 2)